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Google ouvre son moteur de recherche à l'écriture manuscrite

Écrivez, c'est trouvé ! le moteur de recherche de Google permet dorénavant de chercher ses pages à l'aide du doigt ou d'un stylet. Il suffit juste d'avoir un écran tactile.

Le roi des moteurs de recherches devient encore plus simple à utiliser. Depuis deux jours, il est possible d'effectuer ses recherches sur Internet en entrant, dans la barre d'occurrences, un mot saisi au doigt ou au stylet.

Pour utiliser cette nouvelle option, il suffit juste d'aller dans l'onglet paramètres de la page du célèbre navigateur, et de cocher l'option "Écriture manuscrite", de sauvegarder, et le tour est joué.

Une fois la modification effectuée, il faut alors revenir sur la page d'accueil du moteur de recherche et cliquer sur Plus ; une nouvelle barre apparaîtra, avec, de gauche à droite, une rubrique d'aide, une barre d'espacement, une touche retour en arrière et un dernier bouton, en forme de "g".!
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Google Handwrite Allows Handwritten Google Searches

Google Handwrite allows you to conduct Google searches in cursive using your mobile device's touch screen.

Google’s newest feature enables users to search on their mobile devices using cursive.

Google has unveiled a new feature that enables mobile users to conduct searches using handwritten requests. The feature works on Android cell phones and tablets, as well as devices running iOS 5 or higher.
When announcing the new feature on their blog, Google explained that the feature isn’t designed to replace touch screen typing, but instead comes to the rescue during those times when its not practical to use an iPhone or Android touch screen keyboard:!
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Seriously, Google: Do We Really Need Handwriting Search?

The Apple Newton. The Palm Pilot. Both of these early tablets used handwriting recognition to lure an audience into a new gadgets, to show a computer could be every bit as easy to use as a notebook and a pen.!
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Your Handwriting Now Recognized in Google Searches

There truly seems to be no end to the new, innovative and sometimes downright weird features that Google is coming out with these days.!
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A Hidden Feature of Google Handwriting

Google Handwriting recognition lets you write search queries on your mobile phone or tablet without using the keyboard. It can recognize shapes as well.!
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Google's 'Handwrite' Lets You Search by Scribbling

Riding in a bumpy cab and need to search? Now you can skip the typos by writing a query with a finger on the screen of any iOS or Android device.!
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Google Launches New Handwrite Feature - Smarthouse

First it was voice activation now Google has gone back to handwriting for web search.
Called Handwrite the new service allows a user to launch a search on a device by writing letters with their finger almost anywhere on the device's screen. All a user has to do is enable settings.

The feature is available immediately on touchscreen devices by going to on the device's mobile browser, tapping on "Settings" at the bottom of the screen and enabling "Handwrite." It may be necessary to refresh the browser once activated.!
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Write and Google it | Deccan Chronicle

It could predict searches, you could speak to it, or you could show it a picture and ask it to search for similar ones.!
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Google Adds Handwrite To Mobile Search [VIDEO]

Google has created a new mobile search input feature that allows users to perform handwriting operations on touchscreen devices.

The well-designed new feature, creatively termed as Google Handwrite, lets users manually handwrite search inquiries on Google’s homepage by simply writing the characters anywhere on their device’s touchscreen using their own fingers. Note: This feature is currently on its beta stage.

Rui Ueyama, software engineer at Google, posted in a blog yesterday, “Handwrite enables you to search by just writing letters with your finger most anywhere on your device’s screen – there’s no keyboard that covers half of the screen and no need for hunt-and-peck typing.”!
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Google adds a handwriting option for searches | Digital Trends

Likely added to appeal to smartphone and tablet owners that despise on-screen virtual keyboards, Google's new search feature allows users to write what they are looking for rather than type it.!
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Hands on with Google Handwrite, Google's new search feature | Macworld

Announced on Google’s blog Thursday morning, the company's new beta project aims to make it easier to search, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Handwrite allows you to block print or handwrite letters, words, and punctuation on the screen, where it will be instantly analyzed and converted into a search term.

The feature is pretty simple to turn on: On an iPhone, scroll down to the Settings link on (on an iPad, click Search Settings from the Gear icon), enable Handwrite mode, then return to Tap the new button in the lower right corner—it resembles a cursive lower-case g—to turn Handwrite on, and just start scribbling.

On an iPhone or iPod touch, I found Handwrite a little finicky due to the small screen. (See my hands-on video, below.) The service will intelligently try to guess at your letters and words, though, so if you only write “dowag” before you run out of room, you can continue with “er” and it will put the letters together to make “dowager”—and suggest you might be looking for the Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey, at that.!
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Handwrite your Google searches on phones and tablets

A new feature allows mobile browser users to scribble their queries when searching on Google.!
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Google Introduces Handwriting Recognition for Mobile Search Site

For when you can't tap out a search. The original buyer's guide for men.!
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Google Search Now Lets Users Handwrite Terms

Google has introduced a feature that lets users search terms using their fingers. The new feature has been labeled Google handrwite.!
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