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Braille version of Colonel Anand’s book released - Indian Express

The braille version of Winner in You, the book written by Lieutenant Colonel Shashi Anand, was released on Saturday by Dr Mahesh Deokar, Head of Department, Sanskrit & Pali Deptartment, University of Pune.

The programme was organised by NFBM Braille Publishing Centre, Grant A Smile Foundation and Rotary Club Of Pune Central, Pune at Apang Bal Kalyan Sanstha, near Rajbhavan, Aundh, on Saturday.

The paperback was published last year when Anand decided to chronicle his doctrines of ‘positive thinking’ into words.

“As a captain in my twenties, I had lost my parents in a span of six months, apart from facing some tense moments at the border,” he said.

“A fellow officer introduced me to a book on ‘Positive Thinking’. This book has changed my perspective on life,” he added.

Winner In You is free of any literary ambition. Instead Anand has justtried to hand down his secrets to readers.

It was after a visit to the Jagruti School for Blind Girls, Alandi, and a suggestion from his friend Pankaj Mehrotra, a Rotarian Air Commodore (Retd.) that acted as an impetus for the Braille transcription of the book.

The Marathi version of the book is being considered as a Personality Development tool for BA - I students.

At the event, Anand also announced the Winner In You Award — a jury will select three to five ‘winners’ that will be awarded with cash prize and certificates.!
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Braille Challenge: Reading Between The Bumps

In June, kids from around the country gathered in Los Angeles to show off their reading and writing skills�in Braille. It was like a Spelling Bee, except for blind children. KCRW's Avishay Artsy attended the event.!
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Dispositivo traduz documentos para o Braille em tempo real | ultimoinstante: notícias de hoje

13 de agosto de 2012 – Um dispositivo desenvolvido por pesquisadores do Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Ceará (IFCE), com apoio do Banco do Nordeste, permite a tradução de documentos em tempo real para o Braille, tradicional sistema de leitura com o tato, utilizado por deficientes visuais. O “Projeto PORTÁCTIL – Dispositivo portátil óptico-mecânico de tradução Braille” contou com R$ 180 mil não reembolsáveis, no âmbito do Fundo de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (Fundeci), cujos recursos são geridos pelo BNB.

Leia Mais:!
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Book Review: A Scholastic Children's Dictionary by Scholastic Inc. - Blogcritics Books

Scholastic Children's Dictionary is an excellent reference for ascertaining definitions and word usage in actual sentences.

This updated Scholastic Children's Dictionary still contains the essential elements that made the original edition a big hit. Pronunciations are spelled phonetically. Sample sentences and cross-references facilitate word comprehension and usage. Full-color illustrations provide additional important information.

The book contains braille, sign language, a map of the United States, the Presidents, facts on all fifty states and current technology words. Each word is presented with the structural sentence component: i.e. noun, pronoun, verb, or adverb

Alternative forms of a word are provided by the authors. In addition, each word is used in a model sentence to illustrate how the word fits within the context of daily usage. This is perhaps the most helpful use of the book since English language learners often struggle to place a word in the proper context within a sentence.!
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EFC to train visually impaired - Sunday Observer

Sunday ObserverEFC to train visually impairedSunday ObserverMs. Guneratne, a qualified ITC trainer, has conducted many IT courses for the visually impaired at the EFC's purpose-built training centre in Colombo.!
No comment yet. South Africa: Department of Basic Education Workbooks for the Visually Impaired

The Department of Basic Education wishes to reiterate that schools for the visually impaired do indeed receive sighted workbooks as these are used for learners with low vision. The master copies of the Grade 1 to 6 English workbooks are nearly ready for printing and delivery. However, the order has to be re-issued as we can no longer conduct it through the Western Cape Education Department.

Master copies of Grades 1 to 3 in African languages are currently being developed by Pioneer and Braille services. The department has not yet ordered any textbooks as we are still awaiting a quotation from both publishers.!
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Braille press machine remains idle : 23rd apr12 ~ E-Pao! Headlines

With no skillful staffs to run the Braille press machine for printing the books of the blind, the machine, which was brought to the state long ago, has been lying useless till today.

According to reliable source, the Braille press machine, which was brought to the state around a year back, has been remaining idle as the state government has not appointed any staffs for the maintenance and operation of the machine.

The source pointed out that the in addition to the measures taken up by the state government to induct the necessary staffs for operation of the Braille press machine, the state Cabinet had also given its approval to recruitment of the required staffs including Proof reader, Machine Man and Editor.!
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Brookings Register Braille translator at work in BrookingsLocal business owner making a living transcribing many types of documents for the blind

Local business owner making a living transcribing many types of documents for the blind

And you thought your textbooks were expensive.

Braille transcriber Matthew Cobb, a 30-year-old Brookings resident, says Braille readers pay quite a bit more. He holds up a 2-inch thick volume and says it represents only 20 pages of the original printed textbook. He'll have 41-50 volumes by the time the book is complete , because every printed page requires an average of three to four pages in Braille, and up to 10.

"A book for high school costs about $100- $300; the same book in Braille will run significantly higher. The book that I'm transcribing right now will run about $25,000," Cobb said.!
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En braille au collège

La mobilisation de plusieurs associations a permis d'offrir à Thomas un logiciel spécifique pour les malvoyants. Tout a commencé l'an dernier, lors de la traditionnelle manifestation au cours de laquelle la municipalité offre un livre ou dictionnaire aux élèves quittant le primaire pour entrer en sixième.

Françoise Immer, adjointe aux affaires scolaires, avait été sensibilisée au cas de Thomas Boufine, qui n'avait que faire d'un livre classique, lui qui a perdu définitivement la vue à 6 ans....!
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Braille Translator Job in North West London - Teaching Vacancy - Telegraph Jobs

Teaching job vacancy for Braille Translator role in North West London . The role is Permanent with a salary of £10 - £11, find out more about Teaching careers at!
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Deafblind Interpreter Workshop in Rome, NY | Deaf Interpreter Institute

Deafblind Workshop

Deafblind Wkshp Reg Form

Interpreting Connection is hosting a Deafblind Interpreting Workshop by
Dr.Sheryl Cooper as part of our 2012 Workshop Series

April 28th 9am-4pm.

Please see attached flyer for full details!
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Braille Translator, Learner Support : FE Careers - NVQ Assessor jobs search. Advertise your FE job vacancies today!

Braille Translator, Learner Support FE Careers the Further Education and NVQ Assessor job advertising site. Advertising thousands of NVQ Assessor jobs, Tutor, Trainer, Lectuer, Verifier, Manager and Director jobs each week.!
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State Braille competition scheduled today at OSB » Local News », Muskogee, OK

More than 20 Oklahoma students are expected to compete today in the Oklahoma Braille Challenge sponsored by the Oklahoma School for the Blind at 3300...!
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New Technologies Engage Students With Disabilities

New technology is changing how children with disabilities learn and educators are scrambling to keep up with the latest developments.


Until last fall, the 7-year-old used 8-by-11-inch Braille texts that teachers printed for him on a special machine. Each page cost about $1. He once had four lockers just to store his textbooks.
Today, the student at Roosevelt Elementary School in Janesville, Wis., easily carries his own iPad and a special Braille translator that allow him to read all his textbooks, send emails, access the Internet, check the weather, and do just about anything anyone else can..!
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DT Interpreting Appoints Interim CEO

Mr. Ferris has practiced law in the Pittsburgh area for over 40 years, having held positions as a contract attorney for the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and assistant solicitor for Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA). Additionally, he has been a partner and advisor in several real estate development projects, as well as involved in professional soccer team and travel industry business ventures. Currently, in addition to his law practice, Ferris functions as solicitor for the Borough of Bridgeville, PA and has served on the DTI board of directors since the company completed its reverse merger with Morgan Equities mid-2010. He holds a BA from Colgate University and LLB and JD degrees from the Dickinson School of Law.

About DT Interpreting Founded in 1999 and now the industry leader, publicly-traded DT Interpreting is headquartered in Carnegie, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh, with sales and customer service offices in Connecticut, Ohio and North Carolina. The Company provides on-demand video sign language and over the phone language interpretation in more than 150 languages, as well as full-scale document translation and translations into Braille.!
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Fifth-grader to compete in Braille Challenge

 Emma Tubberville of Bridgewater will participate in the 12th Annual New England Regional Braille Challenge reading, writing and spelling contest on Saturday at the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton.!
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Digital revolution changing lives of students with disabilities -- GazetteXtra

Kyle Beasley is a smart second-grader with an infectious grin. He’s also functionally blind. Until last fall, the 7-year-old used, 8-by-11-inch Braille texts that teachers printed for him on a special machine.!
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Delhi University’s Braille Library overstocked with Hindi books

Lack of reading material for other courses disappoints blind students
Blind postgraduate students are frustrated by lack of books in subjects other than Hindi at Delhi University’s Braille Library.

According to these students, though the library has 1,254 books and recorded material for courses in the undergraduate level, students at the MA, MPhil and PhD level find the lack of study material in the library a major hurdle.

“There are books translated in Braille for the Hindi courses but students who want to study further in Political Science, Sociology, History and Philosophy have no option but to change their course to Hindi, or drop out or fail. I know a student who was studying Philosophy in BA but changed his course to Hindi in MA as there was hardly any book available in Philosophy,” said Dinesh, a PhD student of Philosophy.
Very few departments and college libraries have some books for blind students, he added.!
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There is a wonder in reading Braille that the sighted will never know: to touch words and have them touch you back. | | Columbia Star

Braille, the tactical language of dots-on-paper for the blind, involves many hours of intense education.

Jacqueline Keisler manages the training center at the South Carolina Commission for the Blind at 1430 Confederate Avenue in Columbia for those wishing to learn Braille. She understands what can be accomplished through the motivation and perseverance of this state’s citizens who are blind.

“It takes tremendous effort and motivation to learn Braille,” she says. “We are proud of the teachers here who lead our consumers through the process. With their help, people who are blind can master this skill which opens new doors for them.”

She says a training course typically lasts 12 to 16 weeks, one to two hours each weekday, using oneon one instruction for each student. The stalwart of the teaching team at the commission is Glenn McCoy, who has been blind since he was six years old.!
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Nagoya court translates evidence into Braille in Japan first - The Mainichi Daily News

In a national first, a court here has translated evidence into Braille in a lawsuit filed by a blind woman against the city here, paving the way for the visually impaired to sue Braille-illiterate parties.

The Nagoya District Court exercised its own authority to translate part of the evidence in a suit filed in Braille against the Nagoya Municipal Government by local Akemi Umeo, 61, a blind acupuncturist, after the city refused to do a full Braille translation of the evidence.!
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South African Wimpy burger chain launch burgers with Braille

WHAT if those sesame seeds on top of your burger really spelled out a secret message?!
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South African chain reaches out to visually impaired with ‘Braille Burgers'

With messages baked into the buns, Wimpy targets a population often ignored by marketers...!
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South African chain reaches out to visually impaired with ‘Braille Burgers'

With messages baked into the buns, Wimpy targets a population often ignored by marketers...!
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La traduction des manuels scolaires en braille, une spécialité nationale à Lille - Actualité Région - La Voix du Nord

Au centre régional de documentation pédagogique (CRDP) de Lille, l'ambiance est studieuse. ...

Sur plusieurs étages, une dizaine de personnes s'occupent de traduire des manuels scolaires et des sujets d'examens. Il y a quelques jours, à l'occasion de la Journée mondiale du braille, Sylvain Quenee, le coordinateur du service, a montré à quel point leur travail est « une tâche complexe ». Surtout lorsqu'il s'agit de développer les connaissances d'élèves aveugles, insérés dans des classes traditionnelles.!
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