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SATI calls for professional language practitioners' council | The New Age Online

South African Translators Institute (SATI) believes that the establishment of a professional language practitioners council would go a long way in addressing the shortage of court interpreters in the country.!
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Traduction littéraire - Association des Traducteurs Littéraires de France - Ouverture des candidatures pour l’Ecole de Traduction Littéraire (CNL-ETL)

15 octobre 2012 , par ATLF
Après une première session expérimentale de 3 mois au printemps 2012, la CNL-ETL ouvrira ses portes à compter de la mi-janvier 2013 à une première promotion de traducteurs, pour un cursus de deux ans.

Ce cursus s’adresse à des traducteurs professionnels en début de carrière, ayant au moins une traduction à leur actif chez un éditeur commercial. Les traducteurs depuis et vers toutes les langues étrangères sont éligibles.
L’école proposera, en alternance un samedi sur deux, dans les locaux du CNL à Paris, des ateliers de traduction multilingue, ainsi que des modules de formation professionnelle. Ces ateliers seront animés par des traducteurs renommés, ainsi que par des représentants du monde de l’édition (éditeurs, correcteurs, responsables de droits, directeurs commerciaux…). Ils seront complétés par des ateliers d’écriture, ainsi que par des cours consacrés au droit de l’édition et à l’utilisation des outils informatiques dans la pratique professionnelle.
L’École de Traduction Littéraire délivrera une attestation de formation, subordonnée à des conditions d’assiduité, chaque candidat s’engageant à suivre la totalité des cours, sauf cas de force majeure.
Les dossiers de candidature doivent être adressés au CNL avant le 15 novembre 2012
Les candidats retenus seront informés au plus tard le 15 décembre 2012.
Pour plus d’informations, vous pouvez contacter le CNL
Télécharger le dossier de candidature :!
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The South African Translators' Institute

UDGES 2012

SATI is grateful to the persons below who served as judges for the 2012 Prizes (listed alphabetically).

Gretha Aalbers has been working as a freelance language practitioner in Cape Town for close on 30 years, mainly in educational and general publishing, as well as medical and general advertising. Her qualifications and formal working experience are in teaching and publishing, and her main interests are English and Afrikaans literature. She has been involved with SATI Boland since 1990, serving alternately as secretary and chairperson. Gretha is working on a thesis for an MPhil in translation at Stellenbosh University. She and her husband Cor have two sons and a daughter, all living in Cape Town.
Mariëtta Alberts started her career as a terminologist with the Department of Arts and Culture. She later went to the Human Sciences Research Council, where she did research into lexicography, terminology and computational linguistics. She took early retirement from the Pan South African Language Board, where she held the position Director: Terminology Development. She assisted with terminology development in all official languages, the Khoe and San languages and South African Sign Language by training members of the national language bodies, members of national, provincial and local government and even universities in the basic principles and practice of terminology and terminography. She is currently research fellow at the Research Unit for Languages and Literature in SA Context, North-West University, Potchefstroom campus. She is also an executive member of the Centre for Legal Terminology in African Languages (CLTAL) and looks after the Centre’s database as well as that of the Centre for Political and Related Terminology in Southern African Languages (CEPTSA).
François Bloemhof has published approximately 60 books and until proven otherwise is the only author worldwide to have written so extensively for the adult, teenage and children’s markets. He has received multiple awards in all three categories, including the De Kat prize for his debut novel, Die nag het net een oog. His other prizes include several ATKV-Veertjies, for which young readers select their own winning books. He has also compiled anthologies for various publishing houses. Apart from books, François has achieved success in writing for the stage (a cabaret and two teenage plays) and radio (dramas and serials). He is a freelance language practitioner as well as copywriter, reviewer, journalist and songwriter. He has also been Sarie magazine’s fiction editor and book editor at Die Burger. He lives in Durbanville.
Ilze Brüggemann and her family live in Scottburgh. She is a freelance language practitioner, enjoys poetry (both reading and writing it) and completely agrees with Sylvia Plath who once said: “I find myself absolutely fulfilled when I have written a poem, when I’m writing one.” Her free time has been taken over by her young daughter Leonie, but given half a chance she walks the dogs on the beach and loves to read.
Prof. Annette Combrink worked as a teacher before becoming an English lecturer at Potchefstroom (now North-West) University in 1972. She has spent the rest of her career at this institution in a range of capacities, and is currently, following formal retirement, the Director: Institutional Advancement. She served as chairperson of the South African Translators’ Institute for 10 years and of the National Standards Body for Language and Communication Studies of SAQA, as well as of various other educational organisations. She has been editor-in-chief of Koers (an interdisciplinary accredited journal), vice-editor of Literator (until 1999), and an editorial board member of the English Academy Review, the Journal for Literary Studies and the South African Theatre Journal. She also acts as a panel member of the National Research Foundation. She has read 36 papers at international conferences, and has published articles in local and international journals. She has been an active freelance translator for many years, working in a variety of fields, but with special interest in the field of literary translation, in which field she supervised a number of students of Translation Studies.
Leon de Kock is a scholar, translator and writer. He is the author of Civilising Barbarians (monograph) and three volumes of poetry (Bloodsong, gone to the edges and Bodyhood), and translator of Triomf by Marlene van Niekerk (1999), Intimately Absent (2010, Cas Vos), Duskant die Donker / Before it Darkens (2011, Cas Vos), In Love’s Place (forthcoming, translation of Etienne van Heerden’s In Stede van die Liefde) and The Underworld (forthcoming, translation of Ingrid Winterbach’s Die Benederyk). His first novel, Bad Sex, was published in 2011 by Umuzi. He has edited several collections of South African writing, and published many critical articles on South African literature, literary historiography and literary translation. He has won several awards, including the Pringle Prize for Poetry (1995), the SATI Award for Outstanding Translation (2000), The Pringle Prize for Best Scholarly Article (2011), and the SALA award for literary translation (2011, for Intimately Absent).
Franci Greyling is Associate Professor in the School for Languages on the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University and also the subject chairperson for Creative Writing. She specialises in creative writing, children's and youth literature and interdisciplinary creative and research projects. She has herself published various books for young people and is also responsible for Storiewerf, a website for children's and youth literature.
Simon Kemisho has a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation (Wits University) and has worked as a translator (Setswana/English) since 1984. He is accredited for English-Setswana translation and is a sworn translator of the High Court. He is the founder and owner of The Translation World, an agency that offers language services in the South African official languages as well as major world languages. He served on the SATI Executive for four years and on the Advisory Board of Technikon Northern Gauteng and the Editors Forum of the Language Portal of Lesaka (Department of Communications).
Manzo Khulu has a background in human resources management with some 30 years’ experience in the promotion of industrial communication in a cross-cultural environment in both South African and international manufacturing companies. After years of part-time translation and interpreting he became involved in the language practice field on a full-time basis in 2006 and now runs a successful freelance practice as a SATI-accredited translator. Manzo has been a member of the SATI Council since 2009, and his passion is the promotion and development of South Africa’s indigenous official languages into fully-fledged domestic vehicles that meet the rigorous communication needs of the modern information-driven world.
Prof. Alet Kruger taught and trained translators and interpreters at the University of South Africa for 26 years before taking early retirement at the end of 2007. She supervised and examined numerous master’s and doctoral students in Translation Studies at UNISA and other universities in the country. She is the author of various scholarly articles on translation and corpus-based translation studies published in local and international journals. She was the major editor of the book Corpus-based Translation Studies: Research and Applications that was published in 2011 by The Continuum International Publishing Group in the UK. She is now full-time Office Manager of Multilingua Translation/Interpretation Services (, an agency that specializes in the official South African languages, languages from the African continent and various European languages. She served for more than 20 years on the Executive of the South African Translators’ Institute in the portfolios of publication and documentation. She still serves on the Publication Committee of the International Association of Translation and Interpreting Studies (IATIS) and also on the editorial boards of Babel, Hermeneus, the SA Journal of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics and the John Benjamins Translation Library series. She is one of the translation consultants of the Southern African Bible Society, which is involved in a new translation of the Bible into Afrikaans for 2015. She has been an active professional translator for more than 30 years and, among others, has translated into Afrikaans The Coastal Guide of South Africa (Jacana, 2007), Find It: Your Guide to Kruger (Jacana, 2008) and Exploring Our Provinces (Jacana, 2009).
Peter Mekgwe is a SATI-accredited freelance translator and interpreter in English and Setswana.
Magadi Mohasoa qualified as a pharmacist in 1994 and started her career in the pharmaceutical industry. She still consults for the pharmaceutical industry, but has always loved languages and qualified as an accredited translator with SATI in 1998. She has been in the translation industry ever since, as a result of her background working mainly in the fields of engineering, medicine and localization. Magadi is also an entrepreneur, running her own publishing company, Bridal Press.
Prof. Piet Swanepoel teaches Afrikaans Linguistics and Document Design in the Department of Afrikaans and Theory of Literature of the University of South Africa. His research focuses on document design, cognitive semantics and lexicography. He has been a member of Euralex since 1985 and of Afrilex since its inception. He has published numerous papers on lexicography in national and international publications.
Thomas van der Walt is professor in the Department of Information Science at the University of South Africa. He is the coordinator of the Children’s Literature Research Unit at Unisa, editor of Mousaion, an accredited journal in Library and Information Science, and editorial member of Sankofa: Journal for African Children’s Literature of the University of Minnesota, USA. He is founder and board member of Biblionef SA and was responsible for several cultural projects with children for South African embassies.!
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¿Qué es eso de las lenguas modernas?

¿Qué es eso de las lenguas modernas?
Posted septiembre 24, 2012 by aidagda in 2012, arte, Conferencia, Conferencias, formación, impagos, morosos, otoño, Traducción, Twitter. Etiquetado:del congreso, redes sociales, SELM12, Sevilla. 8 comentarios
La semana pasada se celebró en Sevilla el II Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Lenguas Modernas. Estudio Sampere me invitó a acudir y no quise perder la oportunidad. Pablo Muñoz, autor del blog Algo más que traducir, ya había colgado el programa del congreso semanas antes y tenía muy buena pinta.
En líneas generales me gustó bastante y me sorprendió, tocaron temas relacionados directamente con la traducción pero distintos a los que escucho últimamente en todas las conferencias.
Para empezar era una excusa estupenda para escapar de Madrid unos días. Así que viajé con Pablo, Merche del blog Traducir&co y Olga Muñoz, que es una traductora fantástica. Ahora bien, si lo que uno quiere es hacer turismo, este no es el congreso ideal. El programa era tan completo que prácticamente vivías entre las dos salas y el pasillo en el que podías desayunar o hacer algo de networking.!
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Linda Rode and Elsa Silke Among Winners of the 2012 SATI Prizes for Outstanding Translation

Linda Rode and Elsa Silke Among Winners of the 2012 SATI Prizes for Outstanding Translation
by Luso on Oct 5th, 2012
Alert! Linda Rode, Elsa Silke and the team behind the Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: isiZulu and English have won 2012 SATI Prizes for Outstanding Translation.

The South African Translators’ Institute (SATI) has awarded Linda Rode the Outstanding Literary Translation Prize for Bitter Heuning, the translation into Afrikaans of Hermione Suttner’s unpublished English manuscript Bitter Honey. Elsa Silke won the SATI Prize for Outstanding Translation of Children’s Literature for In the Never-Ever Wood, the English translation of Linda Rode’s In die Nimmer-Immer-Bos.
The editorial team for the Oxford Bilingual School Dictionary: isiZulu and English, consisting of Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, Nomusa Sibiya, Arnett Wilkes, Megan Hall, and Fred Pheiffer received the SATI Prize for Outstanding Translation Dictionaries. No prizes were awarded in the categories for Outstanding Non-fiction Transaltion and Outstanding Service Translation.
Press release
Winners of 2012 SATI Prizes for Outstanding Translation and Dictionaries announced:
As part of its celebrations for International Translation Day on Saturday 29 September 2012, the South African Translators’ Institute awarded its 2012 Prizes for Outstanding Translation and Dictionaries, which recognise excellence in published translations and dictionaries in South Africa’s official languages.
The prizes were initiated in the year 2000 in an effort to encourage the publication of translations of original works in the indigenous languages of the country. Associated objectives are to improve the quality of such translations, to promote multilingualism and in particular the use and development of the indigenous languages, to promote cross-cultural understanding and to raise awareness of the role of translators in uniting the people of South Africa. The competition is held every three years and the winners announced around International Translation Day (30 September).
A total of 25 entries were received for this year’s competition, which is divided into five categories – literary translation (three entries), translation of non-fiction work (one entry),
translation of children’s literature (11 entries), service translation (one entry) and dictionaries (eight entries). This year prizes have been awarded in three categories, with the winners each receiving R10 000.!
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Become a member

Institute of Translation & interpreting - Promoting the Highest Standards in the Profession...!
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International Translation Day 2012

September 24, 2012 - NCIHC Celebrates International Translation Day

The National Council on Interpreting joins the International Federation of Translators (FIT) in celebrating International Translation Day on September 30th.

Since 1953, the International Federation of Translators (FIT) has celebrated International Translation Day on the feast of St. Jerome. A Bible translator, St. Jerome is considered the patron saint of translators and interpreters. This year, FIT has selected "Translation as Intercultural Communication" as this year's theme.!
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Association of Asian Translation Industry (AATI) Announces Its Humble Debut and Promising Future

Association of Asian Translation Industry (AATI) Announces Its Humble Debut and Promising Future
Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Chancellor Amma's 59th Birthday Celebrations
Saturday, September 29, 2012
Amritapuri: The Amritapuri campus of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham came alive with myriads of lights and colors during Chancellor Amma’s fifty-ninth birthday as lakhs of people poured in from all parts of the world, to celebrate.
Renowned Economist, writer Prof Desarda delivers lecture at University of Kashmir
Saturday, September 29, 2012
Report by India Education bureau; Srinagar: “Modern humanity is destroying the natural world on which the survival of our entire posterity depends.

Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business, Management , Finance begins at University of Kashmir
Saturday, September 29, 2012
Report by India Education bureau; Srinagar: With an aim to provide a platform to the academia, researchers, practitioners, experts from multi-disciplinary interests for scholarly discussion and meaningful discourse on the various issues our corporate world is fraught with a 3-Day National Conference on the “Contemporary Issues in Business, Management and Finance organised by Department of Business and Financial studies University Of Kashmir began here today.
University of Kashmir holds extension lecture on Crime Against Women
Saturday, September 29, 2012
Report by India Education bureau; Srinagar : Academic Staff College, University of Kashmir organized a lecture on “ crimes against women ” during the ongoing three-week long Refresher Course in Women’s studies for college and university faculty which was delivered by Mr.
Delegation from The Fletcher School Visits Republic of Korea
Saturday, September 29, 2012
This week, a delegation from The Fletcher School, led by Dean Stephen W.


Report by India Education bureau; Bangkok: The Association of Asian Translation Industry (AATI) formally announced on 28 August 2012 that it is moving towards a new era in the Asian and ASEAN translation industry envisioned to serve as a platform and forum for translation standards in Asia.

After its inauguration announcement at the 3rd International Conference on Translation, Technology, and Globalization in a Multilingual Context held in New Delhi, India on 23 June 2012, AATI has decided to spearhead the implementation of unified standards and practices in translation, interpretation, localization and certification across Asia.

The association has likewise vowed to expand its roles in the fields of research and development, innovation and translation technology, including the active participation of the academe visràrvis the industry.

The newly formed AATI is initially composed of 12 countries and regions including Cambodia, China, Hong Kong (China), India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, all committed to fostering reforms and congruency in language services.

AATI President Maneerat Sawasdiwat Na Ayutthaya said that “the AATI is a turning point in revolutionizing language services in Asia, where the most dynamic translation industry will harmonize the balance of languages across borders.”

All founding members are quite hopeful of creating greater and more fruitful collaboration through AATI not just in ASEANrAsian countries but also in other countries around the globe.

Newlyrelected council members of AATI are:
President: Maneerat Sawasdiwat Na Ayutthaya (Thailand) Secretary General: Ravi Kumar (India) Vicerpresident: Tuan Dinh Khac (Vietnam) Vicerpresident: Judy Zhang (China) Treasurer and Assistant to the President: Lawrence Honkiss (Philippines) CorDirectors for Public Relations and International Affairs: Samuel Ceazar S Porcalla (Philippines) and Saeng Sopagna (Cambodia) CorDirectors for Education: Hong Jiang (Hong Kong, China) and Benny H. Hoed (Indonesiarproposed) Director for Research and Publications: Leo Chan (HongrKong, China) Director of ASEAN Affairs: Kyaw Swa Win (Myanmar) Country Representative and SG Office support: Shital Bhandary (Nepal) and Tamil Selvan (India) Country Representative: Marvin Yap (Malaysia) Country Representative: Thongsavanh Khammanichanh (Laos) Country Representative: Sengfa Holanouphab (Laos) Association Board Members will meet next month in Bangkok to finalize its charter and jurisdiction.!
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Translators Associations in South Africa | Translating Today

SATI - South African Translators’ Institute PO Box 27711, Sunnyside, Pretoria 0132 Tel: 012 343-0624 Fax: 012 343-0730 Web:!
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I recently received a phone call from a stranger who got my
number from a colleague of mine who is a professional
community interpreter. This pleasant and friendly
gentleman phoned to ask me if I could offer him
interpreting work. He explained to me that he had recently
got involved in interpreting quite by chance really. This
interpreter, a friend of mine, hired him to act as an
interpreter on a few occasions and he kind of liked it.
I rarely share work with other interpreters mainly because I
cannot complain of an excessive amount of it, however,
since this gentleman sounded so polite, I thought, I would
not cut him off rudely. So I asked him about his
qualifications. Quite evasively he informed me that he had
lived in Ireland for eight years.
But I persisted and finally found out that he is a drop-out
from an IT school and that he has no language related
qualifications. It annoyed me that someone thinks they can
work as an interpreter without any professional training. Will
he next phone a lawyer to ask him for some work?
However, it annoyed me even more that this man was sent
on interpreting assignments by a professional interpreter.
Are we interpreters shooting ourselves in the foot by...

Read more at:!
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IMIA - International Medical Interpreters Association

IMIA promotes unity through the CI Division which stands for Certified Interpreter Division, incorporating CHIs, CMIs as well as those certified by RID, to work together under one roof to further promote certification as essential to professionalization. The IMIA gives complimentary memberships to all who were certified after 2009 as a way to recognize their effort. Just go to note 'CI offer' under notes.!
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Michigan's Translators to Hold October Conference

The Michigan Translators/Interpreters Network (MiTiN) will hold its third annual conference on translation and interpreting — "Work Locally, Think Globally" — on October 13, 2012, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Novi, Michigan.
Detroit, Michigan (PRWEB) August 29, 2012
The Michigan Translators/Interpreters Network (MiTiN) is pleased to announce its third annual conference on translation and interpreting — "Work Locally, Think Globally" — held October 13, 2012, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Novi, Michigan. Previous conferences were highly successful, attracting attendees from more than seven states and Canada.
This year’s keynote speakers are Harry Obst, interpreter to seven United States presidents, and author of "White House Interpreter: The Art of Interpretation," and Nataly Kelly, author, interpreter, and Chief Research Officer at Common Sense Advisory, a market research firm dedicated to language services and technology. Kelly is coauthor of the upcoming book "Found in Translation: How Language Shapes Our Lives and Transforms the World".
Instructional sessions will include topics such as cultural competency in medical interpreting, video remote interpreting, building relationships between project managers and linguists, and translation for the automotive industry.
“This year’s focus is especially relevant to how we build our local economies using global resources and maximizing the talent from our international communities,” says Kemba N’Namdi, MiTiN’s conference chairperson “This year’s conference is designed to promote job opportunities, by strengthening local talent to be competitive in the worldwide market.”!
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Congreso de traducción médica en Barcelona | Laboratorio del Lenguaje

Organizado conjuntamente por Tremédica (Asociación Internacional de Traductores y Redactores de Medicina y Ciencias Afines), APTIC (Asociación Profesional de Traductores e Intérpretes de Cataluña) y la UPF (Universidad Pompeu Fabra), las IX Jornadas Científicas y Profesionales de Traducción Médica reunirán el mes que viene en Barcelona a cerca de dos centenares de interesados, estudiantes y profesionales.
Será en el salón de actos del IDEC (calle de Balmes, 132-134) los días 20 a 22 de septiembre, con un denso programa de ponencias y talleres sobre los más diversos aspectos teóricos y prácticos de la relación entre traducción, lenguaje, idiomas y medicina: “Tipografía y notaciones científicas”, “Dificultades de traducción en el campo de la salud pública”, “Las preposiciones como conectores en el discurso biomédico”, “La investigación y el desarrollo farmacéutico”, “Criterios terminológicos en biomedicina”, “El traductor médico 2.0″, “Lenguaje médico y lenguaje general”, “Nomenclatura anatómica comparada entre los mamíferos domésticos y la especie humana”, “Corrección de textos biomédicos”, “Nomenclatura de los compuestos orgánicos” y “Traducción y redacción de guías para pacientes”.!
Diomedes Serrano's curator insight, May 15, 2015 2:36 PM

Estasornada  a cargo del prestigioso lingüista y lexicógrafo José Martínez de Sousa, se articularon en torno a una serie de talleres y ponencias de carácter formativo y eminentemente práctico dictados por reconocidos profesionales de la traducción biosanitaria, como el Dr. Gustavo Silva (Organización Mundial de la Salud), Karina R. Tabacinic (Instituto de Enseñanza Superior en Lenguas Vivas de Buenos Aires),


ITI Scottish Network | Translation & Interpreting Professionals in Scotland

Professional translating, interpreting and tuition services in all common languages, provided anywhere in the world from Scotland...

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) is the foremost professional body in the UK for practising translators & interpreters, and the ITI Scottish Network is one of ITI’s many regional groups.

The Institute is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence in the provision of language services to business and industry. Only translators and interpreters who have taken the Institute’s examinations or are able to demonstrate a high level of competence acquired through experience may be admitted as members and they are also bound by a strict code of professional conduct.!
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Call for papers: 26th Conference of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies (CATS)

“Science in Translation” Victoria University (British Columbia), June 3, 4, 5, 2013 Program chairs: Sylvie Vandaele and Pier-Pascale Boulanger Knowledge is circulated through translatio...!
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The South African Translators' Institute TRIENNIAL CONFERENCE 2012

The South African Translators' Institute in association with the Department of Linguistics at the University of Johannesburg is presenting its inaugural
at the University of Johannesburg on Saturday 29 September 2012.

The theme of the conference is The Role of Translation and Interpreting in Language Development.

The keynote speaker will be Prof. Sihawu Ngubane, chairperson of the Pan South African Language Board. Plenary addresses will be made by Ms Landela Nyangintsimbi, head of the Tshwane Metro Language Division, Prof. Nathi Ngcobo of the Department of Linguistics at Unisa, and Mr Brian Mossop, a renowned expert on revision.

A preconference workshop on Self-Revision and Other-Revision will be presented by Brian Mossop on Friday 28 September. The workshop will only be open to registered conference participants.

Registation for the conference is now open. Please use the link at the bottom of this page to access the registration form.

A copy of the preliminary programme can be downloaded below. Plenary sessions will be held in the morning and three parallel sessions in the afternoon.

Early bird registration (up to 31 July 2012): Members R350, non-members R425, students R150
Regular registration (1-31 August 2012): Members R425, non-members R500, students R225
Late registration (1-20 September 2012): Members R500, non-members R575, students R275
Pre-conference workshop: Members R155, non-members R225, students R155!
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Free or commercially available machine translation (MT) software cannot be expected to render with accuracy the meaning of a foreign-language text, and thus MT systems cannot guarantee that their output is suitable for any purpose other than obtaining the gist of a text. The result can be a very poor translation, leading to a negative image for the client and potentially loss of business.

One other aspect of the translation process that MT systems will never fulfill is the human communication between translators and clients: professional translators are trained communication specialists who take pride in their work, are readily available to respond to any concerns and additional requests-even the subtlest ones-from their clients, and are committed to assisting their clients in achieving successful communication outcomes.

Another important point to be made concerns the use of online MT with respect to confidentiality. Confidentiality is a fundamental value in translation, which is compromised by those MT tools that store information online. The information fed into an online MT tool remains stored in the engine and can be accessed and used by others. Thus, access to proprietary information could be in the hands of third parties alien to the duty of confidentiality that binds a translator with a client.!
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Articles from Canada's Language Industry Association (AILIA

Hi there,


Should you be interested, here is the link to all of Canada's Language Industry Association (AILIA) latest news about the language industry.!
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IMIA - International Medical Interpreters Association

The IMIA, from inception in 1986, was founded for the purpose of defining educational requirements and qualifications for medical interpreters and to establish professional standards of practice. IMIA is the only national association of medical interpreters, and recognizes all three national certification programs: National Board, CCHI, and RID.

The IMIA, while one of the co-founders of NBCMI, is an umbrella association for the field, and recognizes and promotes all certification programs and state associations. IMIA promotes unity through the CI Division which stands for Certified Interpreter Division, incorporating CHIs, CMIs as well as those certified by RID, to work together under one roof to further promote certification as essential to professionalization. The IMIA gives complimentary memberships to all who were certified after 2009 as a way to recognize their effort. If you know any certified interpreters, please let them know of this great offer. Questions may be directed to!
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Austrian State Prize for Literary Translation awarded » CEATL - Conseil Européen des Associations de Traducteurs Littéraires

On the 1st July 2012, Austrian translator Leopold Federmair and Ljubomir Iliev, Bulgarian translator of Austrian literature, were awarded the Austrian State Prize for Literary Translation 2011 in Klagenfurt. Both translators were honoured for their achievements in literary translation.

Leopold Federmair’s oeuvre as a translator from French, Spanish and Italian includes writers like José Emilio Pacheco, Michel Houellebecq, Michel Deguy and Ricardo Piglia. Federmair currently lives in Japan.

Ljubomir Iliev is an extremely prolific translator of German-language classics as well as modern literature. He received the State Prize for his excellent translations of Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities and The Death of Virgil by Hermann Broch.!
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Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ) | L'Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec a un nouveau président

MONTRÉAL, le 4 juill. 2012 /CNW Telbec/ - L'Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ) est fier d'annoncer que Monsieur Réal Paquette, traducteur agréé de la région de Montréal, a été élu à la présidence de l'organisme.

M. Réal Paquette, membre du Conseil d'administration depuis 2010, succède ainsi à M. François Abraham, trad. a., qui a tenu les rênes de l'OTTIAQ avec brio pendant trois mandats.

Traducteur en pratique privée depuis 1979, M. Paquette a entrepris en 1982 une carrière parallèle en enseignement. Il a notamment été directeur de l'École de traduction de l'Université de Saint-Boniface (Manitoba) de 1984 à 1988. Depuis 1988, il est chargé de cours en traduction au Département de linguistique et de traduction ainsi qu'à la Faculté de l'éducation permanente de l'Université de Montréal, où il assume entre autres les cours de traduction commerciale, économique et juridique. M. Paquette est actif à l'OTTIAQ depuis plusieurs années comme membre de divers comités, mentor et, plus récemment, premier vice-président aux affaires professionnelles (2010-2011) et deuxième vice-président aux communications (2011-2012).

Dans le cadre de ses fonctions, M. Paquette sera appuyé par les membres du Comité exécutif composé de :

Caroline Morrissette, trad. a., première vice-présidente, Affaires professionnelles
Linda Caron, trad. a., deuxième vice-présidente, Communications
Suzanne Mondoux, trad. a., trésorière
Bruno Petrucci, administrateur nommé par l'Office des professions.
Le Conseil d'administration sera également composé de François Abraham, trad. a., Brigitte Cotnoir, term. a., Sabine Davies, int. a., trad. a., Jérôme Demers, trad. a., Marcel Gagnon, trad. a., Grant Hamilton, trad. a., André Montgiraud, trad. a., Maurice Morand, administrateur nommé, Pascal Roberge, administrateur nommé, Gilles Rondeau, administrateur nommé et Telesforo Tajuelo, trad. a.!
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Tips for Translators: Professional Organizations and Associations

Professional Organizations and Associations
Regional Professional Organizations and Associations!
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Professional interpreters by language pairs

Freelance AIIC interpreters currently offer professional spoken translation services in the following language pairs.!
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INFORMATIVOS | Cultura - Profesionales de la traducción se reunirán en Trujillo en su IX Congreso Internacional, dedicado a Hispanoamérica - Noticias

Entra en para ver online las mejores series, realities y programas de televisión. Informativos, Cultura, Profesionales de la traducción se reunirán en Trujillo en su IX Congreso Internacional, dedicado a Hispanoamérica.!
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Moravia Becomes Gold Sponsor for Translators without Borders

Brno, Czech Republic (PRWEB) June 25, 2012 Moravia Worldwide, one of the world’s leading globalization solution providers, has become a Gold Sponsor of Translators without Borders.!
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