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Puedes Believe It? Spanglish Gets In El Dictionary : NPR

The Royal Spanish Academy — the official arbiter of the Spanish language — recently announced that it will add the word "Espanglish" to the 2014 edition of its dictionary. This is a big deal for the traditionally conservative academy, and it's a big deal for supporters who feel that mix of Spanish and English has officially been ignored for more than a century.

The most common type of Spanglish features speakers switching back and forth from English to Spanish. Por ejemplo, if I started talking to you in Spanglish, te diría que it rained very hard this morning while I was riding la bici y me empapé. (I got drenched this morning while riding my bike.)

Another form of Spanglish involves translating phrases and words from English into Spanish or vice versa. The roof becomes "La rufa" and if your "roof is leaking," you might say, "La rufa esta liqueando."!
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El espanglish llega al diccionario de la Real Academia Española — teleSUR

La edición 2014 del Diccionario de la Real Academia Española (Drae) incluirá dos aportes de los hispanohablantes de Estados Unidos al idioma español: espanglish, con 'e', y estadounidismo. Estos aportes fueron entregados por la Academia Norteamericana de la Lengua Española (Anle).!
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Los judíos piden a la RAE que cambie la palabra 'judiada' del diccionario

Los judíos piden a la RAE que cambie la palabra judiada del diccionario La Academia se niega porque la usaron Baroja o Galdós y sólo cambiaría su significado. Los judíos lo ven ofensivo.!
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