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John Benjamins Publishing -On Translator Ethics Principles for mediation between cultures Anthony Pym

This is about people, not texts – a translator ethics seeks to embrace the intercultural identity of the translatory subject, in its full array of possible actions.
Based on seminars originally given at the Collège International de Philosophie in Paris, this translation from French has been fully revised by the author and extended to include highly critical commentaries on activist translation theory, non-professional translation, interventionist practices, and the impact of new translation technologies. The result takes the traditional discussion of ethics into the way mediators can actively create cooperation between cultures, while at the same time addressing very practical questions such as when one should translate or not translate, how much translators should charge, or whose side they should be on.

On Translator Ethics offers a point of reference for the key debates in contemporary Translation Studies.

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Translation as a Tool of Multilingual Inculturation – Anthony Pym – Multilingual, 2.0?

...os anúncios de emprego e a indústria de tradução (by Susana Valdez)...

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