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The fast-changing world of translation technology
posted on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 15:19 by Lingo24

The old image of a translator sitting at a desk with a pile of dictionaries is clearly out of date. Technology is rapidly changing the world of translation and localization. With tools such as Google Translate already handling the equivalent of a million books a year, what will the future of the profession look like?
The TAUS User Conference in Seattle is the best place to find some answers! The Translation Automation User Society, a think tank for the translation technology industry, has the goal of “helping the world communicate better”.
It’s holding the annual event on October 15-16 to bring together leading experts and translation buyers to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. They’ll be presenting the latest developments in automated translation, speech recgonition software, and other technologies.
Machine translation is sometimes seen as a threat to traditional translators. But TAUS experts point out that the growth of automatic tools hasn’t lowered demand for language services. The translation market is still growing fast, and automation helps meet the needs of the global economy.
This year’s conference is titled Agents of Change: The Best of the Best. It takes place at the iconic Edgewater Hotel in Seattle (which hosted the Beatles in 1964 during their first world tour!)
Some of the highlights will include a keynote speech by Chris Prately of Microsoft Labs, and a panel discussion on how translation contributes to a company's success. Speakers will discuss topics such as crowdsourcing and improving the quality of machine translation.
Lingo24’s CEO Christian Arno will be introducing our latest technology, designed to radically improve the work rates of the best (human) translators. His talk, Coaching the Best Professional Translators to Greater Productivity, will focus on its benefits for both linguists and customers.
The two-day event will also include three-minute long “rapid fire” demonstrations of new tools, and an awards ceremony.
If you’re going we’d love to get in touch! Do contact the Lingo24 team on And find out more about some of our innovative technology and translation services.

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