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Study: All 107 US nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorists - CBS News

Study: All 107 US nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorists - CBS News | transhumanity |

The Hindu Study: All 107 US nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorists CBS News Every commercial nuclear reactor in the United States is insufficiently protected against "credible" terrorist threats, according to a new report (PDF) from the Nuclear...

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What's the Difference Between Social Listening, Analytics and Intelligence?

What's the Difference Between Social Listening, Analytics and Intelligence? | transhumanity |

Social listening, social analytics and social intelligence. It’s all the same, right?


Well … not quite. We were asked this very question on Twitter, so we thought it worth writing an explanation for all to read.


Firstly, no, technically, the terms don’t mean the same thing. However, they are often used interchangeably to discuss activities related to social media monitoring (that’s what we do!)


Even more confusingly, whilst they are often used to mean the same thing, they are also used differently by different people and companies within the industry.


Here’s an explanation of the differences, and how each term is frequently used:

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Social listening ou social média monitoring : processus mis en place pour récupérer ce qui se dit sur la marque via les réseaux sociaux, blogs, forums... Utilisation d'un outil, plateforme ou API. Généralement déployé par le service informatique.


Social média analytics : processus d'analyse et traitement de ces données. Utilisation d'un outils à paramétrer au préalable en fonction des besoins de l'entreprise. Généralement le même outil est utilisé pour le social listening et le social média analytics.


Social intelligence : bilan que l'on retire de cette analyse (meilleure connaissance client), permet d'orienter la stratégie marketing de l'entreprise.

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An aid to uptake the desires and needs of the population ...

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Don't be alarmed, it's only a drill! Police, Army and firefighters take part in full-scale MOCK-UP of Al-Qaeda chemical attack on city

Don't be alarmed, it's only a drill! Police, Army and firefighters take part in full-scale MOCK-UP of Al-Qaeda chemical attack on city | transhumanity |

These pictures show the dramatic scenes that unfolded in the centre of a British city today when emergency services staged a mock terrorist attack.

More than 250 police officers, firefighters and soldiers brought Birmingham city centre to a standstill during the the full-scale training exercise this morning. 

The event was designed to test the response times of emergency services being called in the event of an Al-Quaeda style chemical attack on the UK.


Terror police staged the mock scenario by simulating the release of a chemical during a packed conference at Birmingham's International Convention Centre (ICC). 

Over a hundred police officers and 120 firemen were called to the scene to rescue 150 volunteer victims.


They were evacuated from the building by rescue teams that arriving by land and via the city's extensive canal network.

Dramatic pictures show specialist crews in biochemical protection suites and gas masks arriving to lead the victims to safety. 

They were then put through a special decontamination process in inflatable yellow tents set up in the city's Centenary Square to fully simulate how the process might work in real life.


However, the disaster scenes were so realistic that a number of commuters and shoppers panicked, believing the incident was real.

West Midlands Police were forced to reassure residents that not only was the event staged but there was no also no imminent threat of a chemical attack. 

Chief Superintendent Chris McKeogh said: 'This exercise provides a great opportunity for all of those involved to look at procedures in place for an emergency such as this and put them into action. 

'This way we can evaluate more effectively where we need to further develop our plans and procedures.

'Today's exercise is a unique opportunity to play a key role in an international project alongside a large number of other local and international agencies and organisations.'


But bank worker Teresa Lambert, 31, who was making her way to work at around 9am said she found herself caught up in the action and had no idea what was happening. 

She said: 'I was terrified at first. It looked like something from a Hollywood movie. I was too scared to get close because I could see all the chemical suits. 

'But eventually I found somebody who told me what it was and then I felt like a right wally.'

The major European exercise was co-ordinated by West Midlands Police and CBRNE Ltd - who work in the fields of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive risk assessment. Researchers from King's College London were also at the scene to analyse the reaction of the 150 volunteers, most of whom knew very little about what would happen to them during the process of the drill.


Brooke Rogers, Senior Lecturer in Risk and Terror at King's College London, said: 'A detailed understanding of how members of the public and emergency responders behave and interact during a terrorist attack is a vital tool for governments and emergency services when developing effective disaster response plans.

'We expect that today's exercise will provide valuable new insights into emergency response and challenge many of the traditional assumptions about how the public reacts during an emergency.'

The exercise - Code named Project Practice - is the first of three taking place across Europe over the next two years as part of an EU funded initiative to protect against terror attacks.

The next two exercises will be in Sweden next year and Poland in 2015.

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