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Rescooped by Stewart-Marshall from Small Business On The Web!

Small Business & Social Media: A Marriage Made In Heaven or Hell?

Small Business & Social Media: A Marriage Made In Heaven or Hell? | Transformations in Business & Law |
A new report from online business community Manta shows that, desperate to increase sales numbers in 2013, American small business owners are turning up on the social web in droves.


"First of all, small business owners are being sold on the strategy of social by ‘experts’ who are trying to get them to pay to set up accounts,” Rubin says, talking, of course, of firms not unlike his own who manage social media platforms for businesses. “But more importantly, their expectations are being set up in the wrong way.” Set up, it seems, for failure."


"First up, if an expert or strategist tries to sell you on the notion that setting up a Facebook page or Twitter handle (or even a LinkedIn company page) will open the floodgates to an Internet’s worth of sales leads, they’re selling you some bad medicine. “it’s not going to cut it,” Rubin says."



Via craig daniels
craig daniels's curator insight, April 17, 2013 12:55 PM

The big thing being left out of conversation is Time. Small Businesses are not being told that gaining traction with Social Media takes time and that patience is the key.

It's hard for a small business to hear that they need to spend money on building a presence on social media but that they need to be patient and wait for results. No one wants to hear that you can't measure ROI in months or quarters when you first start out.

If you are a small business ask lots of questions and talk with other businesses about their experience before you hand over the cash to fund your social media strategy.

And check out this article so you'll know who you are talking to on social media.

Scooped by Stewart-Marshall!

Social Media Ad Revenues to Double By 2016 [REPORT]

Social Media Ad Revenues to Double By 2016 [REPORT] | Transformations in Business & Law |

Good news for those who believe social media advertising revenues will be crushed by mobile: A researcher is estimating that the category will double by 2016 to become a $9.2 billion business, in the U.S. at least.

BIA/Kelsey projects a 19.2% annual growth rate for the next four years for social media ads. The researcher believes that so-called native ads like Facebook’s Sponsored Stories and Twitter’s Promoted Tweets will lead the growth. Such native social advertising will grow from $1.5 billion in 2012 to $3.9 billion in 2016 for a 26% annual growth rate. BIA/Kelsey predicts that Facebook, Twitter and others including StumbleUpon and Tumblr will be able to command higher prices for the formats.

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Rescooped by Stewart-Marshall from Psychology of Consumer Behaviour!

LYNX Anarchy: The World's First Invisible Ad

LYNX Anarchy: The World's First Invisible Ad | Transformations in Business & Law |
Lynx produce some seriously innovative digital work the world over (AXE in other countries) and probably none more so than this campaign that's just launched in Australia, with the world's first invisible ad installation using special LCD screens ...

Via k3hamilton
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How an Ad Agency Used a 'LinkedIn Bomb' to Land a New Client

How an Ad Agency Used a 'LinkedIn Bomb' to Land a New Client | Transformations in Business & Law |
As everyone who watches Mad Men knows, the ad business is tough. Winning over new clients is particularly challenging. But a Lexington, Ky., ad agency used a tool that didn't ex...
Stewart-Marshall's insight:

Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions calls the stunt a "Linkedin Bomb." Here's how it happened: In April, everyone in the agency sent LinkedIn requests to A&W Restaurants President Kevin Bazner and Director of Marketing Sarah Blasi at the exact same time. The messages were all headed "Welcome to Lexington" because A&W had just moved its headquarters from Louisville after being spun off from Yum Brands.

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Scooped by Stewart-Marshall!

Online Ads Hit New Record: $2.83 Billion a Month

Online Ads Hit New Record: $2.83 Billion a Month | Transformations in Business & Law |
Online ads are having their best year ever, with online ad revenues climbed to an astonishing $17 billion in the first half of 2012.

That represents 14% growth compared to the first half of 2011. It’s not quite as good as that number’s 23% growth, but impressive in a still-shaky economy nonetheless. Ten years ago, when Google AdSense and AdWords were just ramping up, online ads accounted for less than half a billion dollars per month.

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