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Transformational Teaching and Technology
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A 4-Step Guide To Effective Lesson Planning - Edudemic

A 4-Step Guide To Effective Lesson Planning - Edudemic | Transformational Teaching and Technology |
Building lesson plans is an integral part of every teacher’s day. Integrating technology into lessons (that may have previously existed in a totally non-technology infused version) can sometimes be difficult, especially if the task at hand can be easily completed without technology – many of us wonder why bother if we don’t have to. While …

Via Beth Dichter
Chris Carter's insight:

SAMR simplified.

Beth Dichter's curator insight, May 29, 2014 10:13 PM

Check out this 4-step guide to creating effective lessons that integrate technology.

Step 1 - What level of learning is being addressed? The infographic looks at Bloom's, but you could use other resources as you design your lesson plan.

Step 2 - What level of technology will be used? SAMR (as in Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition) are shown in the infographic, but there are other ways to look at the level of technology.

Step 3 - How should your classroom look? Four choices are provided.

Step 4 - How will you evaluate your students? Ten ideas are listed. You may find additional ones that you prefer to use.

As an initial framework to consider working with this visual may be a great tool, especially for folks who are still at the beginning phase of integrating technology into lessons.

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SAMR success is NOT about Tech

SAMR success is NOT about Tech | Transformational Teaching and Technology |

"I was thinking today that I had to make it clear that competency with technology is not the first issue you should worry about if you want to make SAMR progress. The issue to tackle first is the teaching conventions and mindsets amongst the staff, and for this you need some pretty simple and effective arguments.

So here are some I’ve used to move staff on a little:"

Via John Pearce
Chris Carter's insight:

Could not agree more. It is about the willingness to embrace a growth mindset.

John Pearce's curator insight, February 4, 2014 8:55 PM

One of the problems with mass adoption of education models is the way in which the models are 'massaged' to suit purposes other than what they do best. Most models have been developed to describe and categorise behaviours. They're often great for use as the basis for generating discussion. Where they to often fall down is when they become the basis for a curriculum guide into which practice is inserted according to a perceived hierarchy.


So it is with SAMR where writers such as Richard Wells are beginning to question some uses of the model.