Detroit Je T'aime Filmmakers Nora Mandray, Hélène Bienvenu Launch Kickstarter For Interactive Film | Tracking Transmedia |

'Two Frenchies' Love Detroit So Much They Make A Movie About It


After months of giving peeks into their process on their blog, filmmakers Nora Mandray and Hélène Bienvenu have revealed screenshots of interactive documentary "Detroit Je T'aime," as well as a request for funding help.


On their Kickstarter, the two filmmakers from France who have been living in the city for a year explain the concept of the movie. It will be "broadcast" online with several different short films exploring DIY (Do It Yourself) projects in Detroit and a toolkit for watchers to create their own.


"For us, Detroit is a city of change makers. Our three protagonists are using the crisis as an opportunity to redefine our values," they say in their Kickstarter video. "'Detroit Je T'ame' is about creating an immersive experience that inspires you to connect outside of the Internet."


The film follows a bike mechanic, an urban farmer and a community organizer involved in community building....