From Zero to Transmedia in Four Weeks | Tracking Transmedia |

I feel the need to share after supervising my first transmedia project this year. Before I get too deep into describing the process, let me provide some backstory.


Media Arts is a three-year program at Sheridan College that focuses both on TV and film production. All Media Arts students take a Film & Broadcast course in their 2nd year. This course involves three distinct modules that the students rotate through – each module takes 4 weeks. The first module was completed last week.


I am co-teaching a module with Kim Murton. In the past, Kim has focused on TV production. This year, we decided that we would try to give the students a blended experience by:


setting, as their primary goal, the creation of a pilot episode for a web series
including the development of a transmedia strategy as part of the production process
requiring the students to shoot the majority of the webisode as a TV studio production
requiring the students to pre-shoot material, so that they would have to insert taped segments into the live recording
requiring the students to use all areas of the TV studio, including the greenscreen...