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Before the recent rise of the Canadian dollar Vancouver was a location of choice for Hollywood studios to shoot their movies.


"According to the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC), Vancouver has added 1,000 new jobs and a dozen new digital media studios in just the past four years. 2010 was a particularly big year, with homegrown indie hit District 9, made by Image Design, grabbing four Oscar nominations (including Best Visual Effects), and Pixar Canada officially opening its Water Street studios in April of that year, creating a major new anchor brand for the industry in BC. The VEC says another 700 new jobs are expected in the next year.

The Digital Animation and Visual Effects—or DAVE—tax incentive is specifically for labour costs. If one of BC’s 1300 visual effects or animation companies employs eligible workers, that company gets a tax return of $17.50 for every hundred dollars spent on workers. That comes after the 33 per cent basic tax incentive that is applicable to most sectors of post-production located in BC.


“The federal government will also top that off,” says Wong. “In effect that is about another eight per cent, so you’re looking at about 58 per cent coming back from the various levels of government for visual effects and animation being done in British Colombia.”...