Transmedia will revolutionize storytelling as much as the printing press, says expert | Digital Trends | Tracking Transmedia |

The future of movie storytelling has more to do with the technology outside of the movies than within, according to one transmedia expert, who says that we should expect stories to be revolutionized by modern technology in the same way that the printing press changed everything.

If you’re a moviemaker whose primary focus is creating the best movie you can imagine, the current movie industry has some bad news for you: That’s not enough anymore. Speaking at this year’s Cross-Media Forum in the United Kingdom, Sean Stewart – whose Fourth Wall Studios has worked on creating interactive marketing for movies such as The Dark Knight Rises and AI: Artificial Intelligence – said that what is needed now are more filmmakers who want to create the best worlds they can imagine..


...Reflecting the nerd demographic seemingly at the center of blockbuster movies these days, Stewart’s talk was called “Storytelling V: The Audience Strikes Back,” and described the shifting relationship between audiences and fictions in a world where everyone has smartphones, tablets and access to the Internet. He cited a recent Google survey that revealed that 77 percent of audiences are dual-screeners – That is, using another electronic device while also watching television – and suggested that, in order to maintain a close connection with their audiences, storytellers will have to learn to spread their talents across various media....


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