The Shadow Gang Powers Up Content With Unveiling Of Multi-Platform Distribution Engine ‘Galahad™’ | Tracking Transmedia |
Next-Generation Entertainment Studio Debuts Turnkey System to Drive Digital Experiences and Maximize Revenue for Distributors, Content Creators and Brands...


The Shadow Gang, a new breed of entertainment studio based in Los Angeles today unveiled its proprietary multi-platform distribution engine, titled ‘Galahad™’ ( at the StoryWorld Conference + Expo. Galahad provides a scalable and efficient way to create, socialize, and monetize content....


... Relevant for the film, television, publishing, gaming and marketing industries, Galahad arms users with the tools to:

Create compelling, interactive branching videos, logic games, interactive comics, point/reward systems and trackers and much more to drive deeper, longer fan engagement

Monitor and enhance audience engagement with extensive and accurate analytic data

Sell, manage and administer virtual and real world story-related merchandise

Drive fans to new and relevant content, interactions and rewards

Generate new distribution channels for revenue growth