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DIY Gene Splicing - is it that easy now???




"The King is dead -- long live the genetically-engineered mouse version of the King.


As a pop comeback, it's certainly among the more unusual. Royal College of Art graduate student Koby Barhad's project All That I Am features genetically-engineered mice with DNA taken from the hair of Elvis Presley. The aim is to explore a range of philosophical and ethical issues.


While it may sound far-fetched, it really only required taking advantage of three online services which anyone can use. First, eBay, where a sample of Elvis' hair was bought for the the princely sum of $22 (£14.21). Then, Barhad contacted two companies offering genetic services online -- Genetrack Biolabs, who sequenced the DNA from the hair sample, and inGenious Targeting Laboratory, who produce transgenic cloned mice with specifically tailored genetics to order. The result is what Barhad calls an "Elvis mouse model" -- a mouse with the genetic makeup of the King of Rock 'n' Roll..."