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In this guide, you will learn how to optimize your landing page forms to maximize your conversion rate without sacrificing your lead quality.


Forms do a lot of jobs on landing pages. Jobs like:


- Asking for contact information

- Qualifying a lead
- Segmenting leads to different sales funnels
- Initiating a purchase
- Subscribing to a newsletter
- Downloading a white paper or free trial


All of those specific jobs are implementations of every landing page’s one main goal: to advance the visitor down a path that leads to that visitor becoming a customer.


It is important for you to understand what your customers look like if you want to design a conversion funnel that produces customers and not something less useful like.


1. Focus Your Funnel

2. Rules for Humane Form Validation

3. Do Security Right

4. Lose The Gimmicks

5. Read The Back Of The Box

6. Test, Test, Test

7. Form Follows Function


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