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"One thing that many business owners and newcomers to social media have a difficult time grasping is the importance of a powerful story behind your brand. This isn’t just flouncy language and big words; it’s finding a legitimate, interesting and engaging way to put a personal spin on your brand’s conception, creation and journey to what your customers know it as today. Bringing your brand to the masses through a relatable and well-written story is one of the quickest avenues to capturing customer and fan loyalty."


Read the full article to find out more about these tips to provide a relatable and personalized story for your customers:

Understand the art of fiction writingKnow your storyCreate charactersCreate tensionGive your customers the room to interpret

Via Kim Zinke (aka Gimli Goose), massimo facchinetti, Martin (Marty) Smith, Luis Costa, Soraia Ferreira, Ph.D.