The Heat is On: Five Online Travel Trends Set to Explode | Tourism Social Media |

The global economy is uncertain at best, travel is a hyper-competitive landscape with new services and products launching daily and the travel consumer is becoming ever more savvy, fickle and demanding. In this environment how can travel companies possibly survive, let alone thrive?


With less than one week to go before the EyeforTravel team head to Las Vegas for TDS North America we consider the most pertinent emerging themes in online travel and consult some of the events most exciting speakers for their expert insights and predictions.


1. Get ready for a mobile-only world

2. Four ‘C’s to think about: convergence, commerce, content and how these impact customer behaviour will be an ongoing theme

3. Big data, personalisation and being relevant is key in the marketing battle

4. Revenue management: it may not be sexy but it’s essential

5. Think new markets. Think new customers. Think ‘glosolomo’

Via Tourism Australia