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Loyalty in travel isn’t dead - it's evolving and it's personal

Loyalty in travel isn’t dead - it's evolving and it's personal | Tourism Innovation |

Loyalty used to be simple - a guest stays, they get points, you give them a room upgrade or a free breakfast. Not any more, says Revinate. Guest expectations are changing and generic loyalty perks are no longer enough to impress and retain your best customers. Of the 238 million US companies who are members of a hotel loyalty brand, only 44% are considered active members, according to Sabre's report, 'Traveller Loyalty and the Modern Brand.' 50% of a loyalty program member's annual spend is not with his or her preferred brand, and 30% of members are at risk of switching programs entirely. It's not that the idea of loyalty programs is dead - more than 83% of loyalty program members believe they should be rewarded for loyalty - it's that the experience falls short. 71% say they receive irrelevant perks from their preferred brands. So the problem isn't that consumers are disenchanted with the concept of loyalty, but that consumer expectations have changed. Hotels need to rethink what loyalty means to the modern-day traveller. Click here for more information.

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DTS000's curator insight, March 12, 1:21 PM

Are you getting the best deal you can on your travel?
You are if your booking it here:

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Collaborative Curation and Personalization The Future of Museums: A Study Report

Collaborative Curation and Personalization  The Future of Museums: A Study Report | Tourism Innovation |

This report highlights a number of key trends that will have a significant impact on the user experience and design of future collections and museums.

Via Robin Good
Jennifer Ryan's curator insight, November 10, 2013 5:04 PM

This is right up my alley. Looking forward to reading about trends and impacts.

Erica Bilder's curator insight, November 15, 2013 7:11 AM

I have nothing to add to Robin Good's terrific insights:

 Robin Good's insight:



Picture these scenarios:

The Victoria & Albert Museum, its collections depleted by massive repatriation, becomes a travel & tourism guide and international affairs ambassador in an increasingly globalized community
 The Freud Museum, in the spirit of its namesake, becomes a provider of mental retreat and therapy (I wonder if the docents will be licensed psychoanalysis?)

These, according to the 40-page report “Museums in a Digital Age” from Arups, may actually be some of the likely new profiles of prestigious museums 25 years from now.  


The report projects that:


"...future museums will see personalised content, new levels of sustainability and a visitor experience extended beyond present expectations of time and space."


A rising desire among audiences to shape their own cultural experiences (“Collaborative Curation”)
 The opportunity for museum to become “curators of experiences” that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional exhibits or programs, or beyond the walls of the museum itself.


Source: ;

 The idea of "collaborative curation" of museum collections by the actual users-visitors, is particularly fascinating.  "Just as current consumer trends shift towards collaborative consumption, in the future, museums may employ new patterns of collaborative curation,allowing for individually curated experiences and giving the public greater control over both content and experience.
Increased visitor participation will allow people themselves to reinvent the museum experience, enabling content that can adapt to the preferences of users in real-time." 


My comment: If you are a curator and are interested in exploring and understanding what the future of large collections and museums may look like and which forces are going to be driving such changes, this is a good report to read.


Insightful. Inspiring 8/10

Original Report: Museums in the Digital Age: ;




Amanda Gregorio's curator insight, October 10, 2014 4:36 PM

Interesting notion

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Travel and Tourism Digital Index 2012 overview

More info:

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Healthy holiday trend drives wellness tourism to become a $715bn industry by 2017

Healthy holiday trend drives wellness tourism to become a $715bn industry by 2017 | Tourism Innovation |

AUSTRALIAN hoteliers and tourism operators are the latest group set to cash in on our increasing preoccupation with health through the growing popularity of so-called wellness tourism.

According to a new Global Wellness Tourism Economy report compiled on behalf of the Global Health and Wellness Summit, this tourism trend is now worth $US438.6 billion ($462 billion) a year and is set to swell to $715.6 billion by 2017 - a 9 per cent rise each year.

This is nearly 50 per cent faster than the corresponding growth in the conventional tourism market, and Asia is expected to form the "epicentre" of the new wellness tourism market into the future.


Wellness tourism is a burgeoning tourism category largely visible through the popularity of options like health spas and relaxation retreats.However, it also takes into account people who travel solely with the purpose of tending to their health and the many more for who it is an important consideration when selecting a destination or accommodation.

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yayavartours's curator insight, November 13, 2013 2:23 AM

Delhi is adorned with powerful history, historical monuments, museums, galleries, panoramic gardens and cultural shows. Comprising into two distinct Delhi, the Old Delhi and the New Delhi. The wealth of Indian handicrafts can be enjoyed at the Crafts Museum at Pragati Maidan, at the State Emporia on Baba Kharak singh M...arg, and at Dilli Haat, which is Delhi Tourism's popular venue for crafts bazaars throughout the year.

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Trends in airport marketing show incredible value being unlocked in airports

Trends in airport marketing show incredible value being unlocked in airports | Tourism Innovation |

Singapore-based SimpliFlying has released their latest report, focused exclusively on eight current trends in airport marketing, which actually hold true for many travel businesses.






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