Millennials in Adulthood - Report From Pew Research Center | Tourism Innovation |

Millennials don’t seem to take comfort in the same things as their elders do. A new study from the Pew Research Center called Millennials in Adulthood finds that far fewer of them identify with a religion or a political party. They’re less likely to be married than previous generations were at the same age. Only half call themselves patriotic, and a scant 1 in 5 thinks that most people can be trusted. Just a handful expect that Social Security will pay in full when they need it.


What’s going on here? One factor, apparently, is that millennials, currently 18 to 33 years old, find satisfaction in entirely new sources. Their digital lives are hugely important to them, for example. So they may be less alienated than they appear—they just live in different kinds of communities.

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen