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Rescooped by João Greno Brogueira from The Architecture of the City!

High-speed Rail Hubs Attracting Development to Urban Centers

High-speed Rail Hubs Attracting Development to Urban Centers | Top CAD Experts updates |

High-speed rail (HSR) has long been touted as a tool of economic development in addition to its primary function of improving connectivity and ease of travel. Now, high-speed rail also has the potential to contribute to the nation’s urban revitalization trends.


Because HSR and other rail hubs are often located in urban centers, they are attracting an influx of tourism and activity to these cities. The mixed-use and transit-oriented nature of development around HSR hubs further supports the growth of city centers and downtowns.

Hotel development is particularly advantageous around these hubs because of their accessibility to those arriving by rail. These hotels also benefit from the mixed-use environment of urban centers, which provide visitors with walkable access to retail, restaurants, and attractions. In exchange, hotels and their guests energize the surrounding area with human activity...

Via Lauren Moss, association concert urbain
François Lanthier's curator insight, January 8, 2013 2:32 PM

Des statistiques qui pourraient intéresser la ville de Québec entre autres!

Rescooped by João Greno Brogueira from Green Innovation!

San Francisco Approves Huge Eco-Makeover

San Francisco Approves Huge Eco-Makeover | Top CAD Experts updates |
San Francisco is clearly embracing the 21st century trend of new urbanism. An inspiring proposal was approved last week to turn the heart of San Fran’s downtown area into a mecca of urban living.

Along with the existing plans for a new transit hub, all together it will create a more walkable, sustainable, and dynamic center that promotes core environmental values to the area. The Planning Commission of S.F. approved the addition of six new 850-foot skyscrapers along with one that will be 1,070 feet, superseding the skyline summit of the Transamerica Pyramid building, making it the tallest building on the west coast. In addition, a comprehensive transit hub nicknamed the Grand Central Terminal of the West is already in the works...

Via Lauren Moss, Marc Rougier, J. Campbell
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