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CopperCube can publish your 3d scenes using Flash or WebGL. And additionally, it can create standalone Windows .exe and Mac OS X .app programs as well.

Create everything from simple Panoramas to full Games

There is no limit in what can be created with CopperCube. Use the built-in panorama editor to create simple 360 degree panorama viewers or the free 3d scene mode to create architectural visualizations, model viewers or even full featured games.
No Programming necessary!

Creating interactive 3D scenes can be done using CopperCube without the need to write one single line of code. There are even selectable behaviors for artificial intelligence controlled enemies. But if you want to make your scenes even more interactive, you can script and access everything in the engine using ActionScript 3 or JavaScript.

This is a very well known program for Building Games and Interactive websites. If you don't know it you should oay them a visit. They are great :-) @safegaard

Via Henrik Safegaard - Cloneartist