TONY POTTS: Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles Hits The Trifecta -- Tour, Show and Baby! | TonyPotts |

Had a blast meeting Jennifer Nettles when I hosted FOX-TV's Good Day Los Angeles this morning. I'm in town for the next coupla weeks and the FOX Folks asked if I'd like to steer the ship for a week. I figured, 3-hours of live tv a day without a script--- of course!


Jennifer is lead vocalist of Sugarland, which has won 18-awards and charted five #1 songs, is one of the 'mentors' on ABC's show, and is now expecting her first child. The tri-fecta, as it were.


What you don't see when the show is in commercial break could be, many times, an excellent part of the show. Jennifer was chatting with the crew and Melissa Rivers while we were in commercial break. Such a nice, down-to-earth woman. Could not have been nicer before or after her segment.  Off camera told me she feels blessed to have so much good will happening all at once. After she finishes the Duet's finale' Thursday night, she jumps on a plane Friday morning and has a show on the east coast, Delaware, that night. All the while, having two of her singers in the finals and taking care of the ever growing bump of being nearly 4-months pregnant.


Net-Net: Love it when creative, successful and driven people are also good people. Often, the two-are mutually exclusive. Not here.  Not in Sugarland.