A Technology Comparison: Was This The iPod Of The 1800s? | Tips And Tricks For Pc, Mobile, Blogging, SEO, Earning online, etc... | Scoop.it

These days we’re pretty lucky. When it comes to technology, we’re just about overflowing with advancements that were probably unthinkable as short as five or 10 years ago.

Just take the iPod, for instance. A small, compact touch-screen device that can slot neatly into your pocket, and thanks to a sophisticated PCB layout, can store thousands of your favourite music tracks and play them back in supreme quality.

It’s the type of thing we take for granted now but just ponder for a moment those unlucky sods that came before us. I mean, a CD player? How impractical is that?! Replacing a disc every time you wanted to change artist? Ahh the hassle eh!

But what did folks do back in the 1800s? What was their iPod?.....