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A site of programming languages has made its way into the tech world in last 2 decades. And each of these trumps others riding on its glorious capabilities. While working on them is not fun by any stretch, the final product as a result of logical thinking and application of extensive skills is something web users around the world cherish.

And all these factors has lead to a huge boom in the software development sector. Students around the globe are more than willing to learn programming languages in order to stand better chances of grabbing a job when they graduate. There are various training institutes for getting trained on different programming languages. While these institutes are greatly equipped to help students grab the most important concepts an a most effective manner, trainees also need to do their bit on their own end. There are various sources on the Internet that can help them in learning different programming languages like PHP, Java, .NET, C#, etc.

These websites either offer online tutorials, or are the places where you as a learner can find answers to the most difficult and common question you often find yourself asking people.

In this article, I bring to you some such websites that have gained immense popularity in the developer community: