"The School Factory is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that creates value-creating communities and spaces that transform education.


 ... Space Federation -- We support and create community environments like hackerspaces, makerspaces, co-working spaces, and other places where diverse communities come together to build, make, and teach one another.


 ... Emergentcy Schools -- We support and create programs that engage people in the creation of communities of practice--focused on a culture of creativity, constructivism, and project-based learning.


... The Space Federation -- The Space Federation program helps connect people who make hackerspaces, makerspaces, co-working spaces and other creative/community environments to share resources and ideas.


> Any space can join the Space Federation for free.


> Activities are created and delivered according to open source principles and philosophies where possible. This is about the commons.


> Being a member means joining our online community, participating in events and activities, and contributing to the growth of these spaces overall by sharing your experiences and ideas.


> We also provide non-profit incorporated spaces with fiscal sponsorship, enabling them to receive tax-deductible grants, donations, and contributions from the start, for which we charge a small administrative fee. Fiscal sponsorship is not required for membership in the Space Federation." from source: http://schoolfactory.org/