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Tinkering and Innovating in Education
This topic is about Tinkering & Innovating in education. Cover photo c/o Gever Tulley http://bit.ly/XOb9ku
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The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture for Tinkering and Maker Education

The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture for Tinkering and Maker Education | Tinkering and Innovating in Education | Scoop.it

If you have been following my blog series on The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture, you know that I am using this opportunity, given all the press on flipped classroom, to discuss a model of teaching and learning based on experiential education.  It is a model in which authentic, often hands-on, experiences and student interests drive the learning process, and the videos, as they are being proposed in the flipped classroom discourse, support the learning rather than being central or at the core of learning.


The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture [diagram] has four phases:

1. Experiential Engagement: The Activity
2. Concept Exploration: The What
3. Meaning Making: The So What
3. Demonstration: The Now What"


from source: http://usergeneratededucation.wordpress.com/

Via Juan Jesús Baño Egea
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This is a jam packed article that does a good job of explaining the model and processes of Flipped Learning. The information is backed up with plenty of links to more resources, content, and video media. Well worth reading for tinkerers, educators, and trainers. 

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TechShop is America's 1st Nationwide Open-Access Public Workshop -- What Do You Want To Make at TechShop?

TechShop is a membership-based do-it-yourself workshop that provides members with the use of tools and equipment, classes and a vibrant and creative community of people so they can build the things they have always wanted to make.
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Another amazing resource for tinkering, making, creating and sharing. There are a number TechShops in different cities across the US. I am pleased that there is one in planning for Washington D.C.

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