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Tinkering and Innovating in Education
This topic is about Tinkering & Innovating in education. Cover photo c/o Gever Tulley http://bit.ly/XOb9ku
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Brightworks: An Extraordinary School

"Brightworks is a school that reimagines education. By taking the best practices from both early childhood education and hands-on, project-based experiential learning, we strive to meet students’ needs in a flexible, mixed-age environment that breaks the traditional walls between school and the community outside the classroom. We offer a broad-spectrum learning environment designed to encourage creative capacity, tenacity, and citizenship." 

-- from source: http://sfbrightworks.org

ghbrett's curator insight, July 8, 2013 12:26 PM

This site is a wonderful resource. Brightworks is a great innovative school found by Gever Tulley, Education Architect. You can read more about him on the Brightworks staff page.


Be sure to also have a look at the Brightworks Arc pages for more detail about the structure employed "... At Brightworks, students explore ideas and pursue their interests through a structure we call an arc. Each arc takes as its premise a central theme, to be explored from multiple perspectives. Students interact with this theme in three different phases: exploration, expression, and exposition." http://sfbrightworks.org/the-brightworks-arc/

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Maker Scouts

Maker Scouts | Tinkering and Innovating in Education | Scoop.it

"The Maker Scouts is a weekly scouting program for young children (4-10) who are ready and interested in Tinkering and Making with different materials and tools. The Maker Scouts program provides young Makers learning opportunities in STEAM education through four 12 week sessions, each of which focus on critical thinking, design, and building with hand-on activities.


Activities are designed to help the youngest makers become safe, proficient users of making tools and materials on their way to discovering their passion and language of self expression. The program also provides young people learning opportunities that foster the core values of the Innovator Mindset– embracing failure, frustration tolerance, communication, collaboration, creativity and empathy." from source: http://www.makerscouts.org/

ghbrett's insight:

This is a project of the Exploratory. Here is their comment on the Maker Scouts project and their mission:


"Maker Scouts International is a project of The Exploratory. Our mission is to build a sustainable future for our children by providing STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math ) learning opportunities through hands-on Tinkering and Making explorations and projects.


The Exploratory provides children opportunities to sustain the love of discovery, celebrate the rigors of inquisitive, joyful learning and become students of innovation, prepared to solve future global challenges through hands on Making and Tinkering. We offer Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math after school programs, educator workshops, classes, public events, camps, early education programs, birthday parties and online content." http://www.theexploratory.com/

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