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Slate Magazine (blog): "You Shouldn't Fear Do-It-Yourself Biotech Slate Magazine (blog) Yes, risks still do exist, but the inflated debate about dangers overshadows the movement's potential to contribute to the education and inspiration to future...


In 2010, the White House put forth a commission report on the Ethics of Synthetic Biology. It recommended that the Executive Office “should identify and widely disseminate strategies to promote overall scientific and ethical literacy, particularly as related to synthetic biology, among all age groups.” The DIYbio movement should be included in those strategies.


Genspace, for example, has taught hundreds of people in its classes and workshops—from high schoolers, to Wall Street investors, to clothing designers, to bartenders. Other labs burgeoning around the country do the same. Our members have grown fabrics from bacteria and designed low-cost centrifuges. Other DIY labs have made bacterial ink and malaria diagnostics kits for the developing world."