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Web Design: 20 Hottest 2014 Trends [+ Scenttrail Take On Each]

Web Design: 20 Hottest 2014 Trends [+ Scenttrail Take On Each] | timms brand design | Scoop.it

2014 We Design Trends

1. Grid Layouts - Agree & Is Good!
Yes visual marketing + pinterest + mobile is making the grid ubiquitous. I created a Mondrian grid in 1999 when we launched FoundObjects.com (not gone sadly). Grids help share MORE information faster and in the same space than any other design element.

2. Image Captions - Agree and is GREAT
The area immediately under an image is HOT. Everyone looks there but few designers use captions to reinforce or explain the image. Paying more attention to keywords under images is a great idea.

3. Extended Form Elements with JQuery - Don't Know? Does anyone?
Can't comment on this trend as it is new to me and I don't program so its potential benefits are fuzzy at the moment.

4. Deeply Focused Landing Pages thanks to Mobile - Agree & Is Cool
Don't understand this trend except enough to say COOL and WANT ONE.

5. HTML5 Video Players - Agree and GLAD
Don't play your videos on YouTube only since you just make the rich get richer. Figuring out how to play videos "in your stack" is important and having your own HTML5 player is cool.

6. 3D vs. 7. Flat Design - I come down on Flat Design as the winner due to mobile.

8. Personal Portraits - Agree and Like

9. SVG Vector sweeps web as browser support escalates. Agree & Glad.

10. Fonts get cool thanks to server advance - cool and like but not a religion or anything lol.

11. Lazy Loading Animations - cool and can think of several uses.

12. Customized Image Galleries - cool and we need.

13. Mega Navigation Menus - Don't know but don't like idea, seems confusing where confusion can really hurt.

14. Expanding Search Bars - cool and will use.

15. Featured Detail List - LIKE and is cool and new to me.

16. Mobile First Design - Agree and am doing my first now with CrowdFunde.

17. HTML5 Canvas - cool and new to me.

18, Pixel Sprites and Browser Games - New to me but COOL!

19. Quick Registration via social - AGREE!

20, CSS3 Keyframe Animation - Cool, want one.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Monica S Mcfeeters's curator insight, February 22, 2014 10:05 AM

Here are some current WEB designing programs.

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Color Trends 2014

Color Trends 2014 | timms brand design | Scoop.it
istock approached creatives from around the world and collected the strongest trends in colour and design: Pantone's Color of the Year and Top 10 Hot or Not.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, December 8, 2013 1:21 AM

Pantone weighs in with hot color trends for 2014. 

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Pattern Tap Design Trend Confirms People NOT Things Sell

Pattern Tap Design Trend Confirms People NOT Things Sell | timms brand design | Scoop.it

Great Pattern Tap newsletter this month confirms a post I wrote over a year ago:

Startups - People Not Things Sell

Pattern Tap (a great design tool btw) notes how much PEOPLE are dominating our new visual marketing. Love it when a year old post gets such strong support from a truste source.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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The 15 top logo and branding design trends for 2012

The 15 top logo and branding design trends for 2012 | timms brand design | Scoop.it
Picking out the latest trends in branding, identity and logo design in 2012.


Logo design and branding trends are all around us - and whether you work as an identity designer or are just interested in the intricacies of branding design, we've trawled the web and blogs to bring you the latest trends in logo and branding design.


Notable sources are Bill Gardner's excellent Logo Lounge and its 2012 trend report, which includes many excellent insights – and is pretty much the authority on logo design trends) and Franklin Till's trend report for Computer Arts Collection.


The 15 top logo and branding design trends for 2012

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Neon Web Design Trends in 2014

Neon Web Design Trends in 2014 | timms brand design | Scoop.it
Why keeping up with web design trends is vital In today’s fast-evolving trends, people’s interests are being influenced briskly by the web, wherein onlin


Marty Note
Like #7, use of Neon Colors as accents. Color is so tricky online its use as "accents" is the best idea. Will see if I can find a "neon color accent" example and shsre it, but sounds like a cool trend I've only read about from this Chinese social agency.

Other trends noted include ones we've seen in several of these "what's up for 2014" posts including:

* Simple.

* Flat.
* All in one.

* Responsive.
* scrolling.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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2014 Marketing Trend: Smaller More Visual Messages, Bigger Impact [great #startups tip]

2014 Marketing Trend: Smaller More Visual Messages, Bigger Impact [great #startups tip] | timms brand design | Scoop.it

The new word in content marketing is small. Increasingly, brands are marketing via short-form social media like Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram video and the newer platform Snapchat--not by broadcasting their silly old messages but by treating their prospects and customers with respect, engaging with them directly through brief snippets of conversation, personality and humor.


But it's not just for fun: Consumers who engage with brands via social media demonstrate a deeper emotional commitment to those brands and spend 20 to 40 percent more than other customers, according to a report from Bain & Company.


Taco Bell has been killing it on Twitter, creating a hip, fun presence to turn customers into evangelists. Based in part on its snappy, very human interactions, the fast-food giant generated enough early buzz to make Doritos Locos Tacos its most successful product launch to date....

Via Jeff Domansky, luigi vico, Martin (Marty) Smith
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, November 25, 2013 11:47 AM

Ann Handley says increasingly, brands are marketing themselves via short-form social media.

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, November 25, 2013 12:07 PM

Great post for content-phobic startups. If sitting down and blogging daily is too much find alternatives for "little messaging" and do so more frequently and more visually (video, graphics). 

I'm a content and social marketer so would prefer to have both long form and short form content, but if creating the one is too intimidating create the other (short form) since some content marketing is always better than none.

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Biggest Trends in Social and Mobile From Nielsen CEO

Biggest Trends in Social and Mobile From Nielsen CEO | timms brand design | Scoop.it

At this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, Adam Ostrow, the Executive Editor at Mashable, interviewed Jonathan Carson, the CEO of Digital at Nielsen, on the recent trends, challenges, and anticipated changes that Nielsen has seen in social media.


The Second Screen Experience

Carson explains that the biggest trend that Nielsen has seen is the massive adoption of mobile media and smart phone usage while watching TV, possibly driven by advancements in app development.


During the interview, Carson discussed the challenges that marketers and advertisers are encountering with the rise of corresponding mobile and TV usage. The amount of people who actively use a tablet, computer, or smart phone while watching TV continues to increase. This trend has created a challenge for companies to develop a 360 experience for viewers. One of the biggest obstacles companies face when creating a 360 experience is determining how to connect with the consumer when their attention is divided between the TV and their computer or mobile device.


Companies have responded to the challenge of creating a second screen experience for viewers by designing content that corresponds with the show through custom apps and social media platforms, such as Twitter and GetGlue.


Measuring Multi-Screen Experiences

The rise of the multiple screen experience has also created the challenge of determining what and how to measure the success of reaching and interacting with an audience. Carson explains that measurements will no longer center around content; rather, measurements will focus on the audience:

Who is the audience How are they reached How do they distribute content Who are the most influential audience members


In addition, Carson explains that an item we have yet to determine how to properly measure, but that is highly influential, is how to measure audience sentiment. However, that will require a few big breakthroughs in artificial intelligence so that computers can differentiate a positive, negative, and sarcastic tweet about a brand.


View the Mashable’s full interview with Johnathan Carson here.

Via Tami Cannizzaro
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Visualization Trends from the Inaugural 'Information is Beautiful' Awards

Visualization Trends from the Inaugural 'Information is Beautiful' Awards | timms brand design | Scoop.it
David McCandless, founder of popular data visualization website Information is Beautiful, has decided to divvy out a $30,000 cash money dollar pot to the winners of the inaugural Information is Beautiful awards.

The awards provide a great idea of how the world of visualization is evolving. Writes McCandless: “…with much toil and heartache, we managed to boil down each of the six categories to a shortlist of the best, most representative, most emblematic and most excellent work.”


The categories are:

-Data visualization – A singular visualisation of data or information.
-Infographic – Using multiple data visualisations in service to a theme or story
-Interactive visualization – Any viz where you can dynamically filter or explore the data.
-Data journalism – A combination of text and visualizations in a journalistic format.
-Motion infographic – Moving and animated visualizations along a theme or story.
-Tool or website – Online tools & apps to aid datavizzing.


Visit the complete article for more about these categories, as well as links to the shortlisted projects and visualizations...

Via Lauren Moss, mojo3
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