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BREAKING! - HYDRA from Wolverine Airsoft, the next BIG "little thing?"

BREAKING! - HYDRA from Wolverine Airsoft, the next BIG "little thing?" | Thumpy's 3D House of Airsoft™ @ |

"After months of design, planning, and development work we are thrilled to announce that we are finally ready to unleash the beast! This is the one you have been waiting for! Be sure to like and share the post and enter your e-mail address as well as like Wolverine Airsoft for a chance to win!

Enter your e-mail address here:

Contest rules:

Details of pricing and availability will be announced next week at IWA!..."

Thumpy Covey's insight:

Yup, Rich and the gang at WOLVERINE are not standing still!  See the teaser on next week's big announcement at the IWA Show in Germany....via the FB Fan Page...CLICK THE HYDRA!

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Is a Hot Motor Grip OK? Our Next Contest and Our Patches are Here! - Airsoftology Mondays - on YouTube

"We cover if it's normal for your motor grip to get hot in a game, the operating temperature of CO2 guns, and mini-reviews are back!

Plus: Contests and patches!!!
Airsoftology Logo patches are in the store!

Video of the Week:"

Thumpy Covey's insight:

More Airsoftology this week!  YES!  And a BRICK of patches available again for you guys to fly the Black & Yellow and help keep Super J flying high online!

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What is the Best Oil for Your Gas Pistol? - Airsoftology Mondays on YouTube

"Plus: Milsim Ops for all ages and LiPo Dangers explained & we pick the winner of the G&G GR-15 raider contest.
Video Recommendation of the Week: Tim Rapping -
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Thumpy Covey's insight:

Lubriderm?  You actually use any of that trash on your GBB's, Big J's gonna 'sic' Steve on you! Lots and lots in this MONDAYS episode from Airsoftology...plan about 13 minutes and a chunk...and get your questions in for future episodes, too!

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'The Farm' (M7 Training Grounds) | Facebook

'The Farm' (M7 Training Grounds) | Facebook | Thumpy's 3D House of Airsoft™ @ |

Tennessee's own M7 Multiple Applications Group shows us their "training ground," The these new shots over on Facebook.  Why not check 'em out and friend 'em up while you are viewing?

And, check their WEBSITE, too.  SANO, Dano!

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