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Just got the word on a post we put up earlier from Airsoft Canada's Forums...on the "reported/rumored" arrest of Classic Army's CEO...and all matter of dire pronouncements that sprang forth from that.  So, here at the 3-D House of Airsoft, we go TO THE SOURCE for the STRAIGHT SCOOP...and this time it comes from Spartan Imports "heavy hitter" Sean St. Cin:

"This is an old rumor that doesn’t want to die. We first heard of the “CA is dead” rumor starting in Florida and seemed to propagate for the last 4 months or so across the country…and now into Canada.

Let me start off by officially stating that CA has not been shut down, the owner is not in jail, the employees are not fleeing the company and that the brand isn’t dead. With that said, we were happy to have a number of long conversations with CA at SHOT about the coming year about new products and ramped up production lines.

Let the world know, CA isn’t going anywhere any time soon!