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Engineer: M29 and Launcher kits by MilsimLabs - JTAC Airsoft Productions on YouTube

Thumpy Covey's insight:

Chalk, paintball...I know...or just a target that makes an audible noise/reactive alarm...its all good with these foam rounds from Milsim Labs and the rulesets for producers like JTAC!

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Airsoft RPG test for compatibility with TAG Innovations - udarnayasila on YT

GOOGLE TRANSLATE: "Producers sent airsoft RPG to the test and subsequent implementation in our network. Colleagues decided to test for compatibility with the grenade launcher TAG Innovations. The attempt failed.

Производители прислали страйкбольный РПГ на тест и последующую реализацию в нашей сети. Решили с коллегами провести тест на совместимость с гранатометным ком..."

Thumpy Covey's insight:

An RPG that goes POW?  Count us in.  If anyone knows more about the sourcing for the rounds or launcher, let Thumpy know on the FB comments.  AND, don't forget to like and share the vid, if you do so!

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