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AIR STUPID! - Atlanta police: Airsoft rifle fired at moving vehicles -

AIR STUPID! - Atlanta police: Airsoft rifle fired at moving vehicles - | Thumpy's 3D House of Airsoft™ @ |
Atlanta police were investigating Monday night after an airsoft rifle was used to fire shots at moving vehicles in the West Paces Ferry area.
Thumpy Covey's insight:

Someone in Atlanta needs to step up and tell your LEO's and the AJC that airsoft generally can't break windows, that the proximity of the incident to the Governor's Mansion is HYPE...and that the Associated Press version of this story that calls it an "AIRSOFT SNIPER" incident is the height of irresponsible journalism.  Go get 'em Hotlanta "softers!

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SS Airsoft : Doug Scott Interview VIDEO

"Today we talk with Doug Scott, an ex-Nav Recon, about how he found SS Airsoft, what he does there, and the NSW Kids organization."

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SSairsoft Operation: Geronimo - WITH ECHO1 USA!

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Thumpy Covey's insight:

Steve and Jeff get into the act and PLAN A TRIP OUT TO JERICHO in California for the big E1USA-only-gunz event OP:GERONIMO!!!!

You guys will NOT BELIEVE the fun these two are going to bring to the par-taaay!

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