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Thought Leadership: Hot Topic at CS Forum Helsinki 2013? | Forrester Blogs

Thought Leadership: Hot Topic at CS Forum Helsinki 2013? | Forrester Blogs | Cogitation Supremacy |
RT @lauraramos: What is business value of thought leadership? @staceykgordon asks @lauraramos for #CSForum13:
Ryan Hines's insight:

Laura Ramos at Forrester offers an interesting view on crucial questions on thought leadership in this Q&A.

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B2B Thought Leadership? Not so much... | Forrester Blogs

B2B Thought Leadership? Not so much... | Forrester Blogs | Cogitation Supremacy |



Unfortunately, most B2B marketers fall short when they publish promotional content or threadbare case studies masquerading as thought leadership.


Thought leadership is different.  And it's rare.


It sits at the pinnacle of good market-facing content production but takes the long view toward the business results it produces. When successful, it engages buyers in an exchange of ideas that delivers value to both sides -- buyers and sellers -- while positioning your firm as a trusted source of great information. And the market, not your marketing department, tells you when your stuff reaches true thought leading status.

Via marketingIO
Ryan Hines's insight:

A nice diagram, although I'm not sure if I agree with the concept. Starting from the bottom of the pyramid, each step comprises concrete marketing collateral--regularly-produced content and formats that will be familiar to any marketing professional. At the top is this vague, imposing category of thought leadership, which, to me, is expressed through many of the same formats desccribed (case studies, tools, blogs, even advertising).

marketingIO's curator insight, April 5, 2013 8:37 AM

So the question is: are thought-leadership pieces a part of your content marketing plan? We've seen enough published content to know that, in this particular space (B2B marketing technology), there are less than a handful of thought leaders. Let us know if you want to know who they are: drop us an email.

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Constance S. Ward's curator insight, September 6, 2013 3:45 AM

This article emphasizes the rare nature of true thought leadership...

Ron McIntyre's curator insight, August 8, 2014 5:42 PM

I agree that thought leadership is rare but it needs to be part of the puzzle in today's business.