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The Beginner’s Guide to Personal Branding

The Beginner’s Guide to Personal Branding | Thought Leadership and Online Presence |
Marc Rougier's insight:

Neat definition of what YOUR personal brand is.

(I also love the presentation format by itself: great demonstration of the power of "one idea per slide" and "more pics than words" => inspiration).

Two interesting sentences found in this presentation:

"How can I serve others?"

" A personal brand should be a promise".

As for how to achieve it, this is not part of this presentation ;)

lorrinda's curator insight, November 7, 2013 5:44 AM

micropreneur means it's all about you...  brand yourself

Chiale Stéphanie's comment, November 8, 2013 8:27 PM
Valoriser son image sans trahir son identité!

Social Media for Thought Leadership

"How social media can be used for thought leadership".

Marc Rougier's insight:

In today's world, it's probably impossible to decorrelate Thought Leadership and Social Media.

This presentation summarizes 6 "essentials" (listed below) and then suggests 10 steps (and practical examples) to excute. The essentials:

  1. Focus
  2. Insight
  3. Value
  4. Uniqueness
  5. Authenticity
  6. Commitment

I like the fact that #1 is the same #1 as in the Robert Scoble interview.

I believe that 5 out of 6 can be achieved by means of will, organization, goal settings. #4, uniqueness, is less obvious. It might be the difference between leaders and geniuses. One can fight its way to thought leadership (it's certainly not easy but it's achievable).

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Building Thought Leadership through Content Curation

Presentation given at WebCom Montreal, November 16, 2011 (content curation VS aggregation
Marc Rougier's insight:

A comprehensive presentation on how to become a Curation King to build Thought Leadership by Corinne WeisgerberNot recent (2011) but still totally relevant.

I totally agree with the depiction of curation: how different it is from aggregation; and how important it is for the curator to add a value above and beyond it's selection: context, perspective and organization. These, by the way, is the DNA of and the raison d'être of its "insight" box :)

I'd add to it that the curator can also have a message, a personal story (even subjective, even biased) on the topic he curates: he/she needs to be involved, passionate or expert - he/she is not just a collector.

This is why content curation is so beautifuly correlated to demonstrating thought leadership.

Marilyn Moran's curator insight, November 19, 2013 8:45 PM

Want to learn how to Build Thought Leadership Through Content Curation? Check out this presentation and learn the difference between content curation vs. aggregation. Good stuff here!

Are your employees thought leaders?

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