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The 13-year old company has come under questioning once again following the news that they’re intending to buy a collection of social gaming gaming assets owned by none other than the company’s founder and biggest shareholder Teddy Sagi.

Sagi owns 48% of Playtech and is reportedly about to sell the companies (which haven’t been named) for around £80 million. Not only have that but Playtech’s immediate plans also included buying an office in London for £10.5 million – an office which is owned by a company that Sagi also has a connection to.

This is doubly strange given that very few companies, regardless of whether they’re in the iGaming industry or not, tends to buy offices – most preferring to rent instead. Finally Sagi will also come on as an advisor to the company that he built from the ground up for the princely sum of €1 per year. This suggests that either Sagi’s negotiation skills have declined rapidly in recent times or that there may be something strange going on at Playtech.