Judge Accepts Campos Plea Deal on Black Friday Charges | This Week in Gambling - News | Scoop.it
Judge Kaplan agrees to accept the sweetheart plea deal worked out between US Attorneys and former SunFirst Bank vice-chairman John Campos.

The judge overseeing the case against indicted Black Friday banker John Campos has decided to accept the plea deal worked out with prosecutors last month. Campos, the former vice-chairman of Utah’s SunFirst Bank, was originally charged with five felonies for his role in helping to process payments for online poker companies. Unlike most of the indicted figures in custody, Campos and his co-defendant Chad Elie decided to take their chances in front of a jury. But less than two weeks before the trial was set to commence, Elie announced he’d reached a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to a single count of conspiracy. The next day, Campos announced his own deal, in which he agreed to plead guilty to a single misdemeanor count of “causing a bank insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to process illegal gambling transactions.”