Laurent Tapie’s Name on ‘New Full Tilt Ltd.’ Registration | Online Poker News | This Week in Gambling - News |

GBT principal Laurent Tapie's name listed on filings in Malta and Ireland for newly registered companies using Full Tilt in title.

Despite Full Tilt Poker’s self-injected dose of financial formaldehyde a year ago, rumors continue to circulate that FTP’s toes are twitching. Earlier this month, we heard that FTP’s Dublin-based tech arm Pocket Kings was hiring new staff, suggesting real progress had been made in the three-way asset acquisition negotiations between FTP, the US Department of Justice, and French white-knight investors Groupe Bernard Tapie (GBT). More recently, a few diehard FTP customers who’ve made a self-flagellating ritual of logging into the site every day reported being presented with a notice asking them to upgrade their software to a numbered release suggesting a more recent vintage. Not all users reported similar experiences, but hope remains that FTP is embarking on some pre-relaunch beta testing.