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No sh*t – a new test for bowel cancer

No sh*t – a new test for bowel cancer | this curious life |
By Andreas Kahl and Owen Craig


'We have been working in the area of colon cancer prevention and detection for some time, and the announcement this week of a major step towards a more effective and reliable blood-based test for bowel cancer is delivering on this major research effort.


The test is the result of a five-year scientific collaboration between CSIRO, Australian biotech company Clinical Genomics and Flinders University in Adelaide. Such a test has been the goal for many scientists working in molecular diagnostics around the world, and this development is a major step forward.'

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What are the future megatrends all Australians need to know about?

What are the future megatrends all Australians need to know about? | this curious life |

If hindsight is such a wonderful thing, surely foresight would be better.  CSIRO identifies 6 future megatrends:


The megatrends are:


“More from Less” – the decline in resource availability while demand is increasing;

“Going going gone” which addresses the risk of biodiversity loss due to human activity;

“The silk highway” meaning the world’s economic centre is shifting to Asia;

“Forever young” where the ageing population is both an asset and a challenge;

“Virtually here”; the impact of increased digital connectivity; and

“Great expectations”, reflecting the human desire for more intense personal experiences.

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