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They were here and might return
Journeying the realms of virtu-reality where wo-man strives to decipher the conundrum........Note that: 1) may contain content inappropriate or scary for children. 2)In my ken, all beings thought of being gods are entities from other dimensions with supernatural powers way beyond regular human capacity. This made many people who experienced their presence misconcept them as gods, demi-gods, and.....Things are going to change when proportion of us evolves into 'luminous'
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Saci; Saci-Pererê

Saci; Saci-Pererê | They were here and might return |

Saci (Saci Pererê) is a very popular child-like impish one-legged creature from Brazil.


Saci wears a magical red cap and likes to smoke a pipe.


According to the legend, he is always up to some mischief....




*Compare with the monofoot:


Post Iamge:

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Blemmyes | They were here and might return |

THE BLEMMYAI or STERNOPHTHALMOI "chest-eyes" were a tribe of headless cannibal men whose faces were set upon their chests.


These acephalous creatures were said to dwell in either Africa or India.


The Chest-Eyes were very popular in Medieval bestiaries and in the illustrations filling the Terra Incognita of old maps....




Compare with Xing Tian :


See also the general type (Anthropophagi)

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