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They were here and might return
Journeying the realms of virtu-reality where wo-man strives to decipher the conundrum........Note that: 1) may contain content inappropriate or scary for children. 2)In my ken, all beings thought of being gods are entities from other dimensions with supernatural powers way beyond regular human capacity. This made many people who experienced their presence misconcept them as gods, demi-gods, and.....Things are going to change when proportion of us evolves into 'luminous'
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Sasquatch | They were here and might return |

The Sasquatch is a variation of the bigfoot race.


This cryptid is an ape-like humanoid is from Northern America.


Sasquatch walks upright like humans (bipedal). 


It is typically described as a creature between six and ten feet in height, who weighs upwards of 500 pounds.


The color of his hair ranges from reddish-brown to black, and it is said to have a strong odor.


Its brow ridge is low.


The creature is believed to be omnivorous and nocturnal, appearing mostly at night, and around shallow water bodies...




*Compare with the Yeti:


Check out the Yowie:

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Chiron | They were here and might return |
Chiron is the father of the medical art in Greek mythology, for without him there would be no medicine. It was Chiron, the wise old Centaur, who taught the art of healing to Asclepius and others.


Much more:


Note: Sagittarius in the picture is the most tantamount Kheiron I still remember from those ancient days...... Kheiron was the wiset Centaur; a fierce warrior and a guru...


See the Ichthyocentauri:

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