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They were here and might return
Journeying the realms of virtu-reality where wo-man strives to decipher the conundrum........Note that: 1) may contain content inappropriate or scary for children. 2)In my ken, all beings thought of being gods are entities from other dimensions with supernatural powers way beyond regular human capacity. This made many people who experienced their presence misconcept them as gods, demi-gods, and.....Things are going to change when proportion of us evolves into 'luminous'
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Domania, Domovikha

Domania, Domovikha | They were here and might return |

These domestic cryptids are the wives of the Slavic fairy the Domovoi.


They have the body of a woman with the beak and legs of a chicken.


They will stay with one owner where the wife of the owner is good natured and do all the chores around their house of which they are paid with a saucer of milk or ...


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Domovoi , Domovoy, Domovik, Majahaldas, Majasgars

Domovoi , Domovoy, Domovik, Majahaldas, Majasgars | They were here and might return |

A domovoi (dom=a house) is a house spirit, a masculine one, usually rather short, old and very hairy.


They also have a long grey beard and tails or horns and live with people.


They are believed in the Russian folklore to be the masters of the house they inhabit.


A domovoi usually helps the family with domestic chores, of course, if he’s treated well (given milk and biscuits or bread), and guards the house.


Some people say that a domovoi can turn into cats and dogs, and...




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