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They were here and might return
Journeying the realms of virtu-reality where wo-man strives to decipher the conundrum........Note that: 1) may contain content inappropriate or scary for children. 2)In my ken, all beings thought of being gods are entities from other dimensions with supernatural powers way beyond regular human capacity. This made many people who experienced their presence misconcept them as gods, demi-gods, and.....Things are going to change when proportion of us evolves into 'luminous'
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Ao Ao

Ao Ao | They were here and might return |

Ao Ao is a voracious sheep-like creature with a massive set of fangs.


This monster from Guaraní folklore is considered as one of the cursed sons of Tau and Kerana, it is one of the central legendary creatures among Guaraní-speaking cultures...


Ao Ao is said to have humans as its sole source of food...




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Pegacorn | They were here and might return |

Also known as a unipeg, alicorn, winged unicorn,  horned pegasus, portmanteaus unipeg and unisus is a breed of the pegasus and unicorn.


That is an equine/horse with a set of wings and a horn.


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Indian Cartozonon Cartazoon:

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