Asian culture is as rich and varied as one would expect from such a large continent. The ornate silken opulence of the Beijing opera sits beside the bustling energy of Bollywood and the Buddhist modest of Thailand. One thing that is fairly consistent however, is a strong emphasis on traditional values. Families bonds are strong and tight, with many choosing to live in the same house or in the immediate vicinity of their relatives. Whilst such loyalty is admirable, the problem is that these sorts of systems often lead to immutable hierarchies and to the restriction of individual rights. Many of the younger citizens feel like they trapped in a cultural prison, unable to do anything other than perpetuate the values of their forefathers. They leave for the west, to try something new, something different.

So it’s hardly surprising to see so many beautiful Asian escorts in London. To many, the capital is a paradise of liberty and experimentation, a chance to escape the rigidity of the east and express themselves as women and as people. The city has embraced them with warmth and tolerance, treating them as true Londoners in this wonderfully metropolitan city of ours.  Areas like Southall and Chinatown are dominated by Asian residents, and their cultural and culinary influences are clear to see. The British people have become particularly attached to curries and have adopted Chicken Tikka Masala as one of the nation’s favourite dishes. The capital has a number of restaurants that offer a great Tikka, but nowhere can really compete with the famous Brick Lane, London’s equivalent of the Balti Triangle. It’s the perfect place to head before, during or after a great night out and it’s a particularly good place to take an Asian escort to show how a taste of home can mix with her newfound freedom.

Chinatown in London is a vibrant mixture of light, colour and sound. Calls from rickshaw drivers, the sticky aroma of star anise and the light from glowing paper lanterns mingle in the air. Everyone comes here, from top businessmen to tourists to families out for a birthday. The main attraction is obviously the delicious food but there are also a number of gift shops and street stalls selling little charms and mementos that can remind you of a great night out.

Once your stomach is full, why not take a wander to one of the many Asian art galleries in the area. The paintings that are on offer there are so distinctly different from those that we often see in the West? Chinese painting is closer to calligraphy than traditional paintings, with artists dipping their brushes into various inks, rather than oils, and painting on silk and paper. That’s the appeal of Asian culture: it’s so different from our own, it opens our eyes to different perspectives and whole new ways of living. Whatever aspect of it you chose to explore, from the striking power of Indian sculpture to the delights of an Asian escort, you know that it will be something a bit different.


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