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Theme 3: Resources & the Environment
Reliable links for focus units: sustaining biodiversity & climate change
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6 Ways Climate Change Will Affect You

6 Ways Climate Change Will Affect You | Theme 3: Resources & the Environment |
From the food we eat to the energy, transportation, and water we all need, a warmer world will bring big changes for everyone.


B Sinica: This article touches every aspect of geography from culture to climate [considering] how the growing population plays the biggest role in determining the future of life on Earth.  People need to recognize the problems and potential future issues with global warming and the rapidly changing environment.  Though not many issues can be prevented or even solved, the least we can do is try to lessen the severity of devastation and prolong the current conditions as much as possible before the world becomes too extreme to manage.

Via Seth Dixon
David Ricci's comment, April 28, 2013 1:26 PM
This time instead of making this an assesment of the article, im gonna turn it partly into an argument. Clearly the temperature of the earth is rising. Because of this many ways of life may change such as heavy areas of farming, and also colder regions. In colder areas they may now be able to grow certain types of crops that would never survive in the harsh climate before. In warmer farming areas it may get so warm that their yeilds decline. All of this will surely be seen as the temperture continues to rise as it is, but i do not base this on global warming. In one of my other classes we talked about the theory of global warming. After hearing the lecture and doing some research of my own, i disagree with the idea of global warming from greenhouse gases being the cause of this heat wave. Clearly our greenhouse gases have increased drastically from any other time period in history because of gains in technology. But if you look into the history of the planet there was a point in time during the middle ages that was consistantly hotter than todays temperatures. If there were no cars, less burning of coal and other fossil fuels, then how was the temperature hotter in this time period. It is clear that the earth has cycles where temperatures rise and drop. Throughout the past and forseable future there will be many more ice ages. If you ask me life may change now because of rising temperatures, but not from greenhouse gases, and not forever.
Mary Rack's comment, April 28, 2013 2:15 PM
Re David Ricci's comment: Excellent points! Even without the added research you did, general historical climate knowledge makes me a bit doubtful about our efforts. Despite scientists' arguments I wonder if we might be wiser to devote our efforts to coping with change rather than trying to forestall it.
Victoria McNamara's curator insight, December 12, 2013 1:03 PM

Climate change is going to affect how we live in the future. It will cause lack of food, energy sources, health risks, climate changes, drought etc. It is because of our growing population and the amount of people the world has to take care of for all of us to survive. We are also using too many of its resources too quickly. What could we do now to try to slow down the process of it happening? 

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Climate Change, Disaster Mitigation and City Planning

TED Talks As Vicki Arroyo says, it's time to prepare our homes and cities for our changing climate, with its increased risk of flooding, drought and uncertainty.


Our major cities are suceptible to environmental catastrophes for a whole host of reasons.  Cities depend on a smooth of goods, money and services provided by infrastructure that we take for granted and assume will always work 24/7.  Presented in the video are some ideas about how we should rethink our cities with a different ecological paradigm to protect our cities more in the future. 

Via Seth Dixon
Denise Pacheco's curator insight, December 17, 2013 1:44 PM

Governements around the world are slowly but surely creating new plans to ensure the safety of the people. They have already worked on evacuation plans and tranportation for getting people out but, they also need to think about where would people go and how will they adapt to their new enviornment. I'm glad that some places started working on plans to build houses, highways, and churches at a higher elevation, but other countries also need help figuring this stuff out. They need a solution to better secure homes and lives. Everyone needs to work together to prepare for climate change and natural disasters, especially those places where are most likely to hit.