TheBottomlineNow:  Its All About How Your Team Work.  (Teamwork only works when your team works) | TheBottomlineNow |

Every entrepenuer's journey starts off with an idea, a service or some thingamajig to sell to whodoneit or whowantit (You get the idea).   The key to that idea getting of the ground is that entrepenuer ability to develope a team that can bring that idea to the marketplace.  Just like basketball,  you sort of have to have those pieces in places before you hit the floor. 


You need a point guard to bring the product in play.  A number 2 guard that can score.  A power forward that not only can score but can rebound and pivot to defense.  A rebounding forward that can create opportunities out of the competitions missed shots and a center who is close to the basket, can score, rebound and create oppotunities.  All of these folkes are important.


You must also have chemistry.  You must have the ability that these parts can function in motion and score when the opportunity is there.  Your team has to be able to come down the floor and put the ball in the basket and when they do this right, the fans cheer (your customers), the word of mouth expands (from your customers),  and your team has the ability to create other scoring opportunities (for your fans).


So question number one.  "Do you have your Fab5 (your team).  Is there enough air in the ball (your products ability to function).  Do you know where the basket is located (your opportunity to score).  Do you have enough fans in the stands and are they cheering for you (Do you have what they need or want?).  Can you win the away games along with the home games (away games: new clients, home game: current clients).  And the most important part, is your team practice ethic as good as their work ethic( because you have to win unconsciencely and consciencely as a mix, that is the only way you will overcome the distractions).


Now go get your team and bring home those rings