TheBottomlineNow: You Net Worth Is Your Network (It's only a net if your network don't work) | TheBottomlineNow |

Many of today's aspiring entreprenuer love code words.  These words let everyone who knows you know that you have a plan.  That plan is to be your own  boss.  You've gone to the seminars.  You've learned O.P.M. (other's peoples money), incubator ( a startup investor group) and the new entreprenuer's personal favorite, networking.


This term is a term where groups of entreprenuers find each other and trade information and services.  It's a great concept in theory and a very useful tool if used effectively.  Actually it's probably one of the foundating strategies that set social media in motion.  So when used correctly it works.


So make sure that if you are networking, make sure that you are collaborating with individuals of a like mind and direction.  This is important because if this is not the case, then people just wind up  getting a lot of business cards.


Build your networks like you would build your relationships.  Quaility arrangements that benefits both parties.  Make arrangements in your network that establishes the foundation for valuable future moves that benefit both parties.   Make sure your network benefits all parties.  That way your network WORKS.


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