TheBottomlineNow: Is It Really That Hard for You To Do Your Job Washington? | TheBottomlineNow |

You know I'm beginning to began to think like maybe these politician guys can't count.  To hear them speak on this fiscal cliff, it's almost like having a bunch of kids arguing in a sandbox and when you ask them what's the problem they give you some complicated overthought answer and then look at the American public, as if they are to slow to get it.

Well Washington we get it.  You're so busy posturing  and positioning yourself for whatever ego pivot your involved in, you're forgetting who hired you and why. American's are cool bosses, usually they just want a good show. Most people really only glance at their 401K balance and really have no clue to what the banks really means when they inform you to check your amortization schedule (once more the overphrased overload strategy).

My point is this American. No one (and I mean no noone) can at the end of they day be more concerned about your financial future than you.  No politician (for real),investment broker of bank should be given that much power in your future.

Start demanding your politician to work on the little things that affect your life..  If they're going to deplete your wealth in the tax system then uphold them to the same standard that you would uphold any product that your investing in.  Don't let them distract you, talk down to you or try to overexplain their position.  Hold them accountable.  Remember they take your tax dollars to provide basic needs for you in society.  It's not their money, it's yours because you traded your labor for you're money.

So as they keep bullshitting us with this fiscal cliff mania (the new Y2K society wealth distraction).  Remind them that if America's financial future goes over that cliff, their political future will follow it over the cliff and MEAN IT on election day.

I'm ReggieRedd and that's TheBottomline.