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Many time guys get a good idea that they can't wait to share to the world.  They think that if I bring this ideas to the marketplace, all will be good in the village (right).  So They begin their quest into entreprenuership ( or wantreprenuership).

Many entreprenuers mistake a innovative moment for a great business..  I'll get funding and the world will see.   At that moment, that's when a entreprenuer's idea sometimes becomes a religion.  Instead of being a product solution process that customer identify as useful.  The entreprenuer begins his campaign  to get the masses on his team.  Here's flash, if it's truly innovative and useful, the market will find it on and utilize it.  Don't get me wrong, you still have to create attention and interest but if there is positive feedback to potential customers that you have the solution, you don't have to blind them by faith.

When an entreprenuer wants you to believe in him more than the product, this lead to poor underwriting.  I want you product to be a solid solution and I want to believe in you (without the sermon).  

The best sales pitch in the world is another satisfied customer letting the masses know "You are the one".  Let the market preach your praises not a powerpoint presentation.

Remember, the customer is always right.  Why? Because it's their money.

I'm ReggieRedd and That's TheBottomline